"Can you find any blue mushrooms? I'm feeling real tired!"
- Prince Tricky


Tricky is the Prince and an only child of the royal Earthwalker family. He's typically hungry and can be stubborn at times, but he a great aid to Sabre on their adventure.

Early Story (From Character Bio)

Tricky's involvement in the adventure starts on a quite day in the EarthWalker Temple not too long ago. His father, the King EarthWalker, was unhappy with Tricky's behavior on the morning in question and had sent him out of the main Temple to think about his actions. Tricky sulked around the outside of the temple for of hours generally thinking about unfairly he thought he was being treated.

"Maybe I could run away! That would show them."

Although deep down he knew that he couldn't face the prospect of missing his lunch! What happened next was to completely take the youngster by surprise and made him wish he hadn't thought about running away! A large shadow moved overhead, Tricky looked up to see the underside of what looked like a huge metal bird. This was in fact one of General Scale's flying dragon ships. Coming to halt above him, a green beam of light suddenly lit the whole area. As the tractor beam pulled Tricky up towards the ship he caught a glimpse of his father out of the Temple below. It was the last time he would see him... The Dragon Ship takes Tricky to the top of Ice Mountain where is lowered down to the waiting SharpClaws. They march him into a prison and the huge wooden door slams shut behind him!

''They march him into a prison and the huge wooden door slams shut behind him!''

This last part obviously changed, as Tricky is not put into a prison in-game and escape the Sharclaws on Ice Mountain by running.

Character Bio

The characters' biographies were leaked (with other promotional material such as official renders, condensed story and gameplay footage) on the website RareThief in September 2012. All bios are dated for the year 2000.

It’s worth mentioning though, not all character’s information and trivia are present in the December 1, 2000 prototype. These were probably written pretty early on the development of the game to summarize each character but were not really changed after the game’s story underwent many changes and evolutions. (i.e : Krystal backstory not being mentioned except that she was adopted by Randorn, or Krystal’s crush on Sabre even though they are siblings.)



Name : Prince Tricky
Age : 9
Height : 4ft"
Likes : Fooling around with his buddies, seeing how much he can eat!

Dislikes : Being told what to do!
Weapon : A powerful head butt and a useful flame command
Combat style : A running charge. Not very subtle but it usually does the trick
Favorite command : The Find Command (so he can find food to fill his always-hungry stomach!)
Favorite food : Mushrooms from SwapStone Hollow (though they sometimes give him bad gas!)
Special abilities : His acute sense of smell allows Tricky to locate objects and food hidden under snow and other loose surface. This sense, coupled with his ability to dig out objects and secret passage, make Tricky a useful traveling companion.

Questions / Answers

📚 This questions and answers section is directly from Tricky's character biography from RareThief's blog.

  • Personality
    As he was born in the EarthWalker tribe as royalty, Tricky spent his early years not wanting for anything. He could be forgiven for allowing this way of life   effect him. Being used to having his own way, Tricky does have a tendency to act rather spoiled! All things said, the pair do manage to get on with the job at hand...
  • Role within the game
    After a rocky start Sabre and Tricky become friends and soon his skills are out into use. Tricky will one day have to take on the role of King over the EarthWalker Tribe so his parents are eager for him to learn the strength and values needed to be a great leader. For now the player will have to make do with his skills that will be collected through the game.
  • Tricky's Commands
    • Heel - He will come running back to you whenever you call, though if there's food involved, you may have to call him twice!
    • Find - Use this and he can dig into the ground to find objects and can also dig tunnels for you to crawl through!
    • Flame Use to set fire to the environment and any baddies that get in the way.
    • Play - Rolls on his belly and causes even the nastiest to GuardClaw to want to tickle him!
    • Distract - Rolls on his belly and causes even the nastiest to GuardClaw to want  to tickle him!

Concept Art and Early Representationstricky.jpg

Early concept art of Tricky.


Concept art by Michael Cawood.

Renders and Models



In-Game Model


His in-game model is really pretty much identical to his render !

Promotional material

⚠️ This section is missing information and pictures.

Story in-game

Tricky was kidnapped by the Sharpclaws and General Scales. (Not seing in-game)

He was brought to Ice Mountain in a flying ship.


Tricky is lowered to the ground, while two Sharpclaws are waiting for him.


Once to the ground, both Sharpclaw proceed to beat Tricky with their maces.


Tricky runs away into this grotto, both Sharpclaws following him and the door closes.




Sabre/Fox faces the Sharpclaws to save Tricky.

Tricky then takes the opportunity to run away from the Sharpclaws.


Sabre/Fox takes a snowbike to pursue the Sharpclaws and rejoin Tricky.



At the bottom of the mountain, Sabre/Fox is ejected from his bike and falls into a hot spring.




After explaining why he's here, Sabre/Fox ask Tricky to follow him.




After trying to fend off a Sharclaw alone, Tricky reminds Sabre/Fox that he has Sidekick Commands that can be used.

Voice lines

Tricky's Bark

Tricky's Whines

''These are my Sidekick Commands.''

"Can you find me any blue mushroom? I'm feeling real tired!''

"We need to collect 10 white mushrooms. They're medicine for Eathwalkers"

Cutscenes & gameplay

Sabre falling into the hot spring and talks to Tricky.

Sabre and Tricky spotting a SharpClaw by a fire. Sabre suggests to sneak by, but Tricky gets careless.

The EarthWalker Queen (Tricky's Mother) is not feeling well. Sabre & Fox then need to collect 10 white mushrooms for her.

Fox and Tricky finding the King EarthWalker captured in the Walled City.

Screenshots in-game

Early screenshots



Prototype screenshots



Endgame story (Spoiler)

🤯 The next section will spoil the story end of Dinosaur Planet, read at your own risks!

⚠️ This section is missing content - add some Tricky gameplay and cutscenes.
- Cutscene with Drakor and Sabre, talking about the Drakonian God. (Heart)


- Tricky seems to have a lot of dog noises in this prototype (Most notable are whines and barks). Very different of what ended up being used in Star Fox Adventures.

- His ball is brown and looks stiched. Very different from the One hour gameplay footage and how the ball is seen in the UI. (Bright red with stars)

- Tricky doesn't seem to change colours the more you throw the ball, as in Star Fox Adventures either.