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The Condensed Story Of ...


Complete silence is followed by a huge crackle of energy as space itself is torn apart and Sabre and Krystal fall down to the dusty ground below. The wormhole that they have just fallen through closes above their heads and they find themselves in a dark room.

Sabre reminds Krystal of the message his father left him- 

"My Son, though I have not been a good father to you, I ask for your help. I find myself in a grave situation.

I have made contact with another planet, different from our own and have met a strange creature called a dinosaur! He is the King of the EarthWalker Tribe and has asked me to help him as his planet in turmoil. 

The planet is governed by two ruling tribes, the EarthWalkers and the CloudRunners. The leader of the vicious SharpClaw Tribe, known as General Scales, has kidnapped a prince and princess from each of the tribes. By doing this, he hopes to cause chaos throughout the planet as instead of the working together, the ruling tribes are too busy blaming each other!

I tried to help but I have been mortally wounded and remain deep inside a palace called Warlock Mountain. 

Please hurry, jump through the wormhole, It will bring you to Dinosaur Planet. Sabre, you must find Prince Tricky and Krystal, you must find Princess Kyte. When they are rescued, bring them to Warlock Mountain!


Sabre is a 20-year-old warrior from the Wolfen Tribe and is the son of Randorn the mighty Wizard King.

He is an excellent swordsman, taught by his elder brother. When he was 13, a war took place on his home planet. His elder brother, sent into battle by his father, died on the battlefield. 

Randorn, overcome with grief, disappeared into the wilderness never to be seen again.

After many years of torment, Sabre decided to head into the wilderness in search of his father, he had many questions waiting to be answered. 

Whilst searching a densely wooded valley, Sabre came face to face with a female warrior called Krystal. She was from the tribe that had been at war with the Wolfens many years ago. It was they that had killed his brother. He drew his sword but was surprised when she called out his name!

She told him a tale of a hidden temple, into which she and his father had ventured. They had discovered a way to communicate with other races beyond their world, in the stars above, and had spoken to strange creatures called Dinosaurs!

The Dinosaurs had asked for help and Randorn took the task upon himself. Before leaving, he had asked Krystal to find his son, Sabre.


After Randorn had disappeared into the wilderness, he took revenge for his slain son, on any of the Fox Tribe that he came across. Blinded with fury, he destroyed whole villages with his magical powers. This ended when he discovered a young 6 year old child fox, stranded alone, her parents killed by his own hands!

Overwhelmed with guilt, he took the young fox with him and named her Krystal.

Together, they explored the wilderness as Randorn began to come to terms with his grief and his anger. By the time they had discovered the hidden temple, Krystal was 16 years old.

When they activated the secrets within the temple, Krystal was amazed that other races even existed. Here on the Planet Animus, there were only animals; strange creatures such as Dinosaurs didn't even exist in her imagination!

She tried to stop Randorn going to help the Dinosaurs, but he thought this was the one chance he had to redeem himself from all the mistakes he made in the past. She was to find his son, Sabre, and tell him that he was sorry.

The moment that he entered the wormhole, a message suddenly appeared from within, it was from Randorn, he was in trouble. Krystal must find Sabre and together they must enter the wormhole and come to Dinosaur Planet!


    Through a heavy storm, Krystal rides the back of a Soldier from the CloudRunner Tribe. They are flying through the air when out of the dark storm clouds around them appears a flying Galleon!

Blasting the cannons and landing on the Galleon, Krystal is about to rescue the princess when a door bursts open and General Scales approaches her! He is the leader of the SharpClaw Tribe and has waited for this opportunity to take control of Dinosaur Planet for many years.

Krystal attempts to get to the Princess but Scales knocks her to the ground! But, whilst he stands there gloating, lightning strikes, throwing him off the side of the Galleon!!

After defeating Scales and rescuing Princess Kyte, the Galleon docks at Warlock Mountain. Krystal heads off to find Randorn. She finds him in ill health. He mumbles something about this is not Scale's doing, there is someone else? He's very afraid!

Randorn then tells her about a race called the Krazoa who ruled the universe millions of years ago. During a great battle, they were destroyed and from this destruction arose the great Kameria Dragon, the God of the Dinosaurs. The dragon had created the dinosaurs and since that day life had been good. But recently, the King EarthWalker was beginning to suspect that the ancient texts were hiding something, maybe the history of the planet was wrong!

He gives her his Spell Book and tells her to go to a place called Discovery Falls; there the Dinosaurs had uncovered a mysterious shrine that may hold the answers that the King EarthWalker had been looking for.

As she returns to the Galleon, General Scales is waiting for her, somehow he had survived the lightning strike and was still alive! He commands the Galleon to head off into the sky, leaving her stranded and having to rescue the princess again!

She discovers a hidden warp room and finds herself standing in front of a huge stone creature, his name is Rubble, he is one of the SwapStone Twins! Rubble informs her that he is able to swap the player between the main characters of Sabre and Krystal. With a wave of his hands we now join Sabre's Adventure!

    Sabre discovers that Prince Tricky is to be imprisoned at the top of Ice Mountain. He attempts to rescue him but the Prince has ideas of his own and runs off with two SharpClaws in quick pursuit. Sabre jumps aboard a Jet Bike and chases after them down the frozen slopes.

He eventually catches up with the young prince and together they head off through the forests of the Northern Wastes. This cold land is home to the SnowHorn Tribe.

The Prince reveals that he is able to help Sabre by using his Sidekick Commands. He can dig up items buried under the ground, he can use his flame breath to set fire to things, and he can also get them both into lots of trouble, which he does regularly!

Sabre's task is to get Tricky back to his parents; this takes them through SwapStone Hollow. Here they find Tricky's mother, the Queen EarthWalker, has been badly injured. After helping her, she tells them of General Scale's plan and how they can stop him!

The General has taken control of the two Force Point Temples. These buildings are used to extract Magic Energy from deep within the core of the planet, which the dinosaurs then use to power their world. He wishes to use this energy for evil.

To stop him, Sabre and Krystal must find 6 SpellStones and place them inside the temples. This will shut down the power and save their world.

Returning to Northern Wastes, they find a SnowHorn imprisoned under a layer of ice. After helping him, he reveals that he is a SpellStone Guardian, one of a special group of dinosaurs formed millions of years ago by the Kameria Dragon. Each Guardian was given a SpellStone to protect and this secret was passed down from generation to generation. If the planet were ever in trouble, the Guardians would take the stones and stop the energy extraction.

General Scales learnt the Guardian's secret but the SpellStone had been hidden deep within DarkIce Mines. When the Guardian had refused to reveal it's exact location, the General threatened to destroy his whole tribe. The Guardian still refused, but his daughter stepped forward to help Scales. She held the safety of her tribe above the importance of her father's SpellStone. Sabre and Tricky must head into the mines to find the SpellStone before Scales.

    Meanwhile, Krystal had made her way to a place called Cape Claw. It was here that the SharpClaws had made their base and where she was sure to find Princess Kyte. After rescuing a strange, little dinosaur called a LightFoot, she rescues the Princess and together they head off to Discovery Falls as Randorn had wished.

Before they get there, Krystal is captured by the LightFoot Tribe. They believe her to be a SharpClaw collaborator, but when she comes to their aid they reward her by opening the route to Discovery Falls.

In a time before the dinosaurs, Discovery Falls was regarded a sacred place. Before the war began, the EarthWalkers had found a strange shrine, which was covered in an unusual form of Ancient Text. Randorn thought that if they could find a way into this shrine, it may give them some clue as to what exactly Scales was up to.

Krystal and Kyte eventually open the shrine door and venture inside. Here they must complete a Krazoa Test which ends with Krystal being possessed by a spirit! The spirit commands her to return to Warlock Mountain, they have uncovered the first Krazoa Shrine but who exactly are the Krazoa?

    Back in DarkIce Mines, Sabre and Tricky, under the Guardian's daughter's instruction, had reached the bottom of the mine. Somewhere in a hidden chamber they will find the SpellStone. Tricky uses his Find Command and digs a hole through into this secret place.

Here they find a huge frozen waterfall. Within the ice they can see the SpellStone, though it appears to be sitting on a huge hand!! Melting the ice awakens a terrifying monster. He grasps the SpellStone but before chasing our heroes, he decides to eat it!! After a long battle, which ends inside the monster's stomach, the SpellStone is collected!!

Quickly, they return to the Guardian, as only he has the power to activate a SpellStone. They then head back to SwapStone Hollow to attempt to find the Volcano Force Point!!

Within SwapStone Hollow live the ThornTail Tribe. These friendly dinosaurs guide them down river to Diamond Bay. After helping out a distressed PointBack, they are given a map, which reveals not only the entrance to the Volcano Force Point but another hidden Krazoa Shrine.

Entering the Force Point Temple, the first SpellStone is placed. They are now one step nearer to saving the planet!

    Krystal and Kyte have now returned to Warlock Mountain. As they approach the wizard, the spirit leaves her body and reveals itself. It is known as Quan Ata Lachu, one of eight beings that the Krazoa once worshipped. Krystal must take its spirit and release it within Warlock Mountain. This causes the huge floating diamond within the mountain to rotate. The reason for this will soon be revealed! They must collect 8 Krazoa Spirits as their second main task.

Leaving Warlock Mountain, Krystal decides it is time for Kyte to return to her tribe. They make their way up through a strange mountainous area called Moon Mountain Pass until they reach the grand entrance to CloudRunner Fortress!

Entering the fortress, they are immediately attacked by SharpClaws and some strange robotic devices. This isn't technology that the dinosaurs would have?

Making their way into the Fortress, they see General Scales has got there first and is interrogating Kyte's mother, Queen of the CloudRunner Tribe. He demands that she reveals the location of a SpellStone, hidden somewhere within the Fortress. When she refuses, he kills her!!! Krystal attempts to stop Kyte from revealing themselves but suddenly a robot appears from behind and she is knocked unconscious!

When Krystal awakes, she is trapped inside a dark dungeon cell; Kyte must have been captured by General Scales! After escaping from the dungeon, freeing a trapped dinosaur and reactivating the power to the Fortress, Krystal finds Kyte. Kyte tells her that the dinosaur she helped is a SpellStone Guardian!! To uncover the hiding place of the SpellStone, they must explore the Fortress and find Kyte's brothers and sisters who were hidden when the SharpClaws arrived.

They eventually find their way into the tunnels beneath the Fortress but Scales has got there first and is just about to grab the SpellStone when Krystal arrives. He passes it to one of his SharpClaws before using his mysterious belt to warp out of the chamber. That must be how he survived the fall from the Galleon. The remaining SharpClaws race off on their jet bikes with Krystal in hot pursuit. Blasting them from their bikes, she gains the SpellStone, which is then activated by the Guardian. Leaving the Fortress behind, they head off to locate the Desert Force Point Temple!

    Sabre and Tricky have now completed another Test and have collected the second Krazoa Spirit. They take this back to Warlock Mountain whereby they release it, causing the huge diamond to spin faster, sucking up raw magic energy from deep within the planet. When they return to SwapStone Hollow, Tricky wishes to go back to his home to see how his mother is doing. Together they go to EarthWalker Temples.

Upon entering the area, it is heavily guarded by strange Robots. They find Tricky's mother hiding beneath the main temple. She needs them to collect the Sun and MoonStones and also asks Sabre to enter the Walled City and rescue her husband, the King of the EarthWalker Tribe. Though there is a problem, he must do it alone!

The Walled City is a place where the most dangerous dinosaurs live. Here anarchy rules and the chaos is presided over by the RedEye Tribe. It is also home to the HookClaw Tribe, a distant relation to the SharpClaws, they are extremely clever but will show you no mercy!

Entering the jungles surrounding the ancient city, Sabre discovers an egg that hatches revealing a Baby RedEye Sidekick. The Baby must think Sabre is his mother as he remains with him during his stay in the Walled City. The Baby has a special Sidekick Command that Sabre can utilise throughout!

Sabre finds the King EarthWalker and rescues him from a gang of HookClaws. He tells of their plot to take control of the City, however he does not believe the RedEyes will listen to him, as they prefer to eat first and ask questions later! The City is surrounded by the Twilight Marsh. It is here that the SpellStone Guardian resides. He helps Sabre to stop the HookClaw's, allowing him to return the Baby back to his father, the King of the RedEye Tribe!

By taking part in the King's challenge, you gain the SpellStone, activate it and meet up back with the King EarthWalker to return to EarthWalker Temple!

As a reward, the King reveals the location of the mysterious Communication Chamber. It was via this chamber that he was able to contact Randorn in the first place. Sabre is excited, as this may allow Krystal, Randorn and himself to return home once General Scales has been stopped. The King tells them to take the SpellStone back to the Volcano Force Point.

    To reach the Desert Force Point, Krystal and Kyte must first cross the Golden Plains. This is a huge barren desert. After making their way into the Temple, they place the SpellStone. Returning back through the desert, they witness a strange mirage. The mirage claims to be a Krazoa and tells them to go back to Moon Mountain Pass but before they go, Sabre must first collect MoonSeeds hidden beneath SwapStone Hollow.

The message is sent to Sabre and Tricky who collect the seeds before they venture back to the Volcano Force Point. Now Krystal has the seeds she must plant them. By feeding them fire at night (they are moonseeds after all) they grow, allowing her to enter the hidden areas of Moon Mountain Pass.

After discovering another Krazoa Shrine and gaining a further spirit, the mirage appears again. It tells them that six spirits must be placed within Warlock Mountain before the Krazoa Palace will open!! Randorn had told her that the Krazoa had been extinct for millions of years, but yet here was one guiding her? She returns to Warlock with the spirit.

Randorn asks Krystal about his son, Sabre. He still hasn't been able to speak to him yet. He just wants to apologise. Krystal places the third spirit and together with Kyte, they head back to SwapStone Circle.

    Sabre and Tricky have by this time placed their second SpellStone. On the way out from the Temple, they discover the MoonStone and return back to EarthWalker Temple. This reveals another Krazoa Shrine that was hidden inside the top of the Main Temple. Sabre completes the test and heads back to Warlock Mountain with the spirit.

Whilst there, he calls out to his father but there is no reply. Randorn's condition is getting worse, he is too ill to answer his son. Sabre releases the spirit and returns to SwapStone Hollow.

    Back on SwapStone Circle, the LightFoot Chief has revealed a hidden entrance that leads from his settlement to the sacred dinosaur burial grounds of BlackWater Canyon. He refuses to allow Kyte to enter, insisting that Krystal take a LightFoot guide.

Within BlackWater Canyon, Krystal discovers the Tree of Souls. When a dinosaur dies, its magic energy is returned into the planet through the magic powers of the Tree. The ShadowHunter Tribe are the protectors of this place and their leader, a SpellStone Guardian, agrees to give her the SpellStone. However, his jealous son has other ideas and takes the stone just as it is about to be handed over.

Together with the LightFoot, Krystal chases the ShadowHunter throughout the Canyon, eventually catching up with him just inside the gates of the final resting-place. The area is littered with bones. The ShadowHunter refuses to give Krystal the SpellStone but their presence in this sacred area has angered the spirits.

Suddenly a huge bone monster emerges trapping the ShadowHunter within its cage like ribs. Krystal and the LightFoot defeat the monster and save the ShadowHunter. He realises that they really are trying to save his planet and gives Krystal the SpellStone. His father activates it and they return to the LightFoot Chief.

On her arrival back at SwapStone Circle, the Chief gives Krystal a Krazoa Tablet. This has been with the LightFoot for many, many years. He tells her to take it to Cape Claw. Reunited with Kyte, they cross the Golden Plains and once more enter the Force Point Temple. With their second SpellStone placed, they head back to Cape Claw with the Krazoa Tablet; maybe this will explain the mirage?

The Tablet allows them to open further hidden areas within Cape Claw, eventually uncovering another Krazoa Shrine. Krystal completes the test and gains another spirit. However, they still do not know the location of the Krazoa Palace that the mirage spoke about. They return to Warlock Mountain to release the spirit.

When Krystal reaches Randorn, he has collapsed on the ground! By feeding him, he feels well enough to speak. He recalls how they arrived on this planet and hopes, by getting access to the Communication Chamber, they can return to their own planet, Animus. She releases the spirit and returns to SwapStone Circle.

    The ThornTails on SwapStone Hollow have now seen that Sabre can be trusted, so they open the gates that lead into Willow Grove. This is a sacred land and is next to Dragon Rock, the final resting-place of the dinosaur's god, the Kameria Dragon. But since General Scales began his war, the area has been sealed and strange things have started to happen.

Willow Grove was slowly becoming a warped and mutated land. The plants have changed and even the dinosaurs that had wandered through have become mutants!!

Sabre and Tricky meet with many seemingly unfriendly mutants but these dinosaurs are just angry at their situation and are not evil at all. The adventures discover the sixth Krazoa Shrine and complete the Test to gain the spirit. The mutant leader is a great alchemist and tells them to return, as he might be able to help them enter Dragon Rock. They quickly return to Warlock Mountain. To their amazement placing the sixth spirit reveals the location of the Krazoa Palace!!

As the spirit is released, a great change occurs to the huge diamond, it transforms into a sun!! Sabre finds himself being lifted off the ground as the Quan Ata Lachu speak to him. They tell him that the evil must be stopped. They are not referring to General Scales but something or someone else controlling him!! They tell Sabre about the Majestic 8 planets. The first planets created when the universe began, Dinosaur Planet is one of these eight.

To save this world, they must go to the Krazoa. It seems that they do actually still exist. The Quan Ata Lachu continue by telling of a Great War that the Krazoa fought many aeons ago. The war almost destroyed them all but some still remain. This must be the destruction mentioned in the Dinosaurs history that actually gave birth to them!! The Quan Ata Lachu ends by insisting that the evil must be stopped but does not reveal the form of the being of which it speaks!

    With the Krazoa Palace entrance now open, Krystal and Kyte head back to Cape Claw and enter the mouth of the huge rock skull. Inside they discover hidden caves containing a Translator Object. This allows them to read the Ancient Text that they will have seen throughout the landscape and helps them open the gates into the Krazoa Palace!!

Inside the palace, they discover a Krazoa. He explains that the rest of his race are in suspended animation. The palace's emergency system woke him as the planet was in danger. They were being attacked by a Dragon from the Kamerian race, their archenemy. This is who is controlling General Scales!

The Great War had been fought between the Krazoa and the Dragons. The Krazoa worshipped the Quan Ata Lachu, the creators of the universe. However, the Dragon's deemed they to be more worthy than even the Quan Ata Lachu and so a Great War began. This war almost destroyed the whole of the universe and climaxed in a final battle above a newly born world, Dinosaur Planet!

The Dinosaur's so called god was actually the last great warrior dragon who was slain in the battle, his body falling onto the planet below. As time passed, a legend was born. The dinosaurs believed that their race had been created when the fallen dragon emerged from the flames.

Now an ancestor of the Dragon, known as Drakor, has returned for his revenge. By extracting all the magic energy from this world, he will finally destroy the Krazoa.

A SpellStone once resided in the Krazoa Palace but is has disappeared. Due to the huge quantity of magic energy being extracted, two tears in time and space have appeared within the fortress. The Krazoa explains that Krystal and Kyte will have to visit both the past and the future to get the SpellStone before it actually disappeared from the present!!

Krystal first journeys to the future where she discovers the palace has been almost completely destroyed. The time tears have ripped the palace apart and it lies in some strange limbo, poised on the edge of a black hole. She finds the Krazoa from the present close to death. All the other Krazoa have been destroyed, the dragon has won. He had taken the SpellStone from the past, which stopped the planet from being saved. The Krazoa then tells of the last battle at Warlock Mountain where Sabre was killed by the Dragon. As he dies, Krystal asks what has become of her? But he gasps his last breath before he can reply!

Together with Kyte, they head back to the past. Here Krystal finds herself at the time just before the Great War had begun. The Krazoa of this period are very nasty. Krystal must not be detected and must steal the SpellStone for herself before one of the Dragon's spies does it!! She also discovers that the story told to her by the Krazoa is not exactly true. It was the Krazoa that started the Great War NOT the Dragons!! The Krazoa wanted the Dragon's dead so that the Quan Ata Lachu would allow only them to rule the universe!!

On returning to the present, Krystal finds herself in a predicament. Now she knows the truth should she help the Krazoa? But if she does not, then Sabre is

going to die!!! The lone Krazoa admits they were wrong and insists that they have changed. They have realised that all the Majestic 8 races need to live together. She believes him and quickly heads to the Desert Force Point Temple. With her last SpellStone she can shut it down!!

Just as she places the SpellStone inside the Temple, General Scales appears in a blind rage. The Temple begins to shut down but he will not stop until Krystal is dead!! Outside, the King EarthWalker and his soldiers are attempting to get in to the Temple to save Krystal but they are too late, she must defeat him alone!!

After a long fought battle, Krystal finally destroys General Scales! The King EarthWalker eventually breaks through to help but his timing isn't very good!! He tells Krystal to remove Scale's belt, this is technology given to him by the Dragon, but as she does it changes to stone! He tells her to give it to Sabre who must take it to the Mutant Leader in Willow Grove. He is an alchemist and may be able to help!

    Sabre takes the belt and with the help of Mutant Leader, it is brought back to life. This allows Sabre to safely enter Dragon Rock without mutating himself!! Now that General Scales is dead, the SharpClaws are completely disheartened. They stand idly by and let you enter Dragon Rock without any hassle!

Dragon Rock is a huge empty plain. Standing in the centre is a towering rock; underneath which is said to lie the body of the Ancient Dragon which Drakor is attempting to revive. It seems that the ancient Dragon's had huge destructive powers that the current dragons' evolution has removed. By using the magic energy from the planet, Drakor attempts to revive the ancient dragon. With it's powers he will be able to destroy the Krazoa and finally take over the universe!

To get inside the rock, Sabre and Tricky must first get past Drakor's defences. To do this, they must rescue an EarthWalker and ride on it's back to smash down barricades. Then, by rescuing the CloudRunner that helped Krystal to defeat the Galleon, she must take out the laser searchlights. Finally, they must rescue a HighTop and protect it as it carries giant rocks to at least open the entrance to the rock.

Inside, Sabre discovers that all that remains of this great Kameria Dragon is its Heart! The Heart is connected up to huge tubes pumping it full of pure magic energy. Within the heart lies the SpellStone. Sabre battles and defeats the heart and gains the SpellStone!! As he is about to leave with the stone, Drakor appears. Sabre must quickly escape from within the rock before he is trapped there forever!

Sabre and Tricky return to the Mutant who reveals himself to be a SpellStone Guardian!! With the final SpellStone activated, Sabre returns to the Volcano

Force Point and places it within. The Magic Energy extraction has finally been stopped and with the heart destroyed, Drakor's plan is defeated. However, he is still alive and until all the spirits are placed, the vision that Krystal saw in the palace may still come true!!

    By placing the final SpellStone, the Krazoa Shrine within Golden Plains rises out from the sand. Krystal and Kyte quickly head back and collect their final spirit. As they return to SwapStone Circle, Kyte bids her goodbye, she must return to CloudRunner Fortress and assume her late mother's role as Queen. During her adventure with Krystal, she has learnt what it is to become a leader of her race! Krystal returns to Warlock Mountain.

She discovers that Randorn is dying. If they do not help him soon by planting MoonSeeds in special locations, he will not survive. Krystal places the final spirit at the top of Warlock Mountain. This causes what she thought were the stone statues of the Krazoa to come to life!

By placing the seventh spirit, the Krazoa begin the alignment of the Majestic 8 planets. This will bring about an age of peace in the universe and allow the Krazoa to finally emerge from their deep sleep, but Sabre must be quick. The eighth and final spirit must be brought back to Warlock Mountain within a set time limit. If it isn't then the alignment will not be complete, the Krazoa will have to remain in their slumber and the dragon will live to fight again!

    Sabre must find the last Krazoa Shrine. The SwapStone tells him to seek the Guardian of the SnowHorn Tribe back in Northern Wastes where his adventure began!!

He discovers the shrine but must complete the final challenge, the Test of Sacrifice. By doing this, Sabre proves that he is willing to put his own life before that of a dinosaur and thus is worthy of the final spirit!! Before Sabre returns to Warlock Mountain, Tricky leaves him to return to his family. This is something that Sabre must do alone. If all goes well Sabre, Krystal and Randorn will soon be heading straight back to their own planet!

He quickly makes his way back to the top of Warlock Mountain and arrives just in time. If Sabre and Krystal did not plant the moonseeds to save Randorn, then Randorn will die at this point. If they did, then he is brought back to health and has a special surprise for them!

As Sabre is about to place the final spirit to complete the alignment, the dragon swoops down and grabs him! Drakor is furious and using his powers, pulls the Spirit from Sabre's body and into his own!! The Krazoa attempt to intervene and begin firing at Drakor and Sabre!! Krystal shouts for them to stop but it's too late

and they are both knocked down through Warlock Mountain and into the core of the planet! It was here where Krystal had seen the vision of Sabre being killed!!!

It is now up to Sabre to defeat the Dragon and save the planet.

Will Sabre do it?
What happens if he fails?
What happens if he succeeds?
Will they find the Communication Chamber and return to their own world?
Will the Krazoa really change for good or is this all part of their plan?
Why were they so keen on killing Drakor when Sabre was in the line of fire?
And who is really telling the truth?

You'll have to play the game to find out!!!!



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