The following are a set of storyboard images found in a file called STORYBOARD.BIN in the leftover files from Dinosaur Planet.

They give an unique look into the development of the game's story. This file was likely used to substitute cutscenes in the game before they were actually developed in-game, to see how they would fit the story beats, timing and pacing of the scene.

There are 92 images, stored as 3-bits-per-pixel in the file. The native resolution is 320x240, and they are compressed with Zlib. The overall filesize is 776kb, which is quite small considering there are so many images. The files have been found by Hugo Peters with additional help from chrrox who was able to identify the Zlib compression. The images here have been upscaled using AI to make the text more readable.

The cutscenes seem to mostly relate to the events that take place in Cloudrunner Fortress.

Unfortunately this is all the data we have! A download of the original images is available at the bottom of the page.

SC 1

SC 3

SC 4

SC 5

SC 8

SC 11

SC 12

SC 13

SC 14

SC 15

SC 16

SC 18

The images in their original resolution can be downloaded here: (