Read Before Proceeding!

These cheats are not necessary when using a patched ROM as described in the Getting Started page. Using the cheats below with a patched ROM will have no effect and may even break things.

It is recommended you use a patched version of the game as opposed to using cheats in order to get the best experience.

The GameShark codes listed on this page are ones that may be necessary for you to progress through an unpatched ROM of Dinosaur Planet. For a full more expansive list of cheats, check out the main Cheats page.

Item pick-up fix

Fixes crashes caused by picking up various items throughout the game by replacing their cutscene models with that of a red crystal.

814F92E2 05B1

Prevent gas chamber puzzle from triggering twice

After rescuing Kyte in Cape Claw and exiting the courtyard, you will typically trigger the gas chamber cutscene and be forced to solve the puzzle a second time. Using this code will avoid this issue and allow you to pass through Cape Claw as intended. Additionally, you can mitigate crashes in this room by pulling the final block into place instead of pushing it.

D05C4C4F 0076
D05C4C50 0007
805C4C50 0006
D05C4C4F 0076
D05C4C50 0006
805C4C4F 007E
D05C4C4F 0076
D05C4C50 00FE
805C4C4F 007F

Teach Tricky the "Distract" command

Tricky fails to learn Distract when he's supposed to, so this code will safely teach him the command. Alternatively, there is a patch that fixes this issue available on the Mods page.

D05C4C80 0001
805C4C80 0009
D05C4C80 0003
805C4C80 000B
D05C4C80 0011
805C4C80 0019
D05C4C80 0013
805C4C80 001B

Allow Galdon boss fight to be initiated

The Galdon boss fight in DarkIce Mines cannot properly be initiated by Tricky's Flame command due to a bug. This command will allow you to use Tricky's Flame command to start the Galdon boss fight as intended. In order for the second phase of the fight to work properly, you will need to deactivate this code as soon as the fight begins.

815C522E 0001

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to not have to deactivate a code, or you are an EverDrive user, you may use this version of the code, which is only active while holding D-pad Up:

D10A7DC0 0800
815C522E 0001

Learn the "Portal" spell

Portal is unable to be obtained as intended due a bug that causes a puzzle in Golden Plains to be unsolvable. One workaround for this issue is to use a GameShark code to learn the spell. Please note that this code assumes that you have played the game in sequence up until this point, as it will technically teach you not just Portal, but Projectile, Illusion, and Shield as well.

805C4DBE 0096

Display scarab counter

Not strictly necessary, but nice to have.

805C4D66 0008