This page provides a high-level overview of the order of events that can be played in sequence in the available build of Dinosaur Planet. Many details will be left out here, so if you are looking for a more detailed guide on progressing through the game, check out the Walkthrough page.

This guide assumes you are using the latest patches to play the game. See Getting Started for instructions on patching the ROM.

Introduction - Krystal

  • Shoot down the Galleon.
  • Find Randorn and learn the Projectile spell.
  • Find the Warp Crystal.
  • Warp to SwapStone Circle and meet Rubble the SwapStone.
  • Swap to Sabre.

Introduction - Sabre

  • Rescue Tricky from the SharpClaw.
  • Make your way to SwapStone Hollow.
  • Aid Tricky's mother, the Queen EarthWalker, by collecting 10 White Mushrooms.
  • Use the Queen's hint to make your way to meet Rocky the SwapStone.
  • Swap to Krystal.

Rescuing Kyte - Krystal

  • Get the Magic Shield spell from the caged Lightfoot tribe member.
  • Find the Shiny Nugget.
    • There are three Shiny Nuggets total, however you only need the one found in one of the alcoves in Cape Claw to continue.
  • Bribe the Cape Claw guard so he will let you through.
  • Complete the "gas room" puzzle.
  • Make your way into the courtyard and free Kyte from her prison.
    • Kyte will not always push the levers to open the gate to leave, you'll likely need to reissue the command a few times.
  • Leave Cape Claw with your new partner, Kyte.

Journey to Discovery Falls - Krystal

  • Be captured by the LightFoot tribe and free yourself with Kyte's help.
    • If you perish here, the game will continue as normal. There's nearby fruit to pick up after this sequence to restore health and no longer be in a "zombie" state.
  • Go back to SwapStone Circle and solve the torch puzzle to drain the water.
    • There is currently no way to pick up and move the Tumbleweeds you would normally put in the torches. Instead, you will need to use Kyte's Fire command twice for each torch; once to "place" the Tumbleweed in the torch, again to light it.
  • Crawl through the hole to get to Discovery Falls.

The First Krazoa Spirit - Krystal

  • Meet the HighTop dinosaur for some advice.
  • Find and press the four switches to unlock the door to the Krazoa shrine.
  • Enter the Krazoa shrine and complete the Test of Combat to collect the first Krazoa spirit.
  • Go back to the SwapStone to warp to Warlock Mountain.
  • Release the Krazoa spirit.
  • Warp back to SwapStone Circle and swap to Sabre.

Journey to DarkIce Mines - Sabre

  • Learn Tricky's Distract command from the SwapStone.
  • Head back to Northern Wastes.
  • Distract the Guard Claw to get past him.
  • Rescue Garunda Te by feeding him 12 Frost Weeds.
  • Go across the bridge and through the cave.
  • Distract the guard inside one of the burrows to find a key.
  • Rescue the shackled SnowHorn to get a cog.
  • Use the cog to fix the bridge.
  • Meet the hungry SnowHorn and learn Tricky's Flame command.
  • Gather two Alpine Roots and feed the SnowHorn.
  • Ride the SnowHorn into DarkIce Mines.

DarkIce Mines 1 - Sabre

  • Find and collect the three cogs.
  • Use the cogs to fix the bridge.
  • Cross the hidden path to get the Horn of Truth.
  • Use the Horn of Truth to ride a SnowHorn through the blizzard.
  • Take the Jet Bike into DarkIce Mines 2.

DarkIce Mines 2 - Sabre

  • Find and speak to Belina Te.
  • Make your way through the various puzzles to the bottom of the mines.
    • Stepping on the switch to summon the elevator will crash the game. Shoot it with the Fire spell instead.
  • Use Tricky's Flame command to awaken the boss, Galdon.
  • Get the first SpellStone.
  • Activate the SpellStone by bringing it back to Garunda Te in Northern Wastes.
  • Go back to SwapStone Hollow.

Placing the First SpellStone - Sabre

  • Ride the log from Swapstone Hollow down the river to Diamond Bay.
  • Use Tricky's help to help retrieve an egg for the PointBack.
    • Warning: don't try to talk to the PointBack before finding the egg. The cutscene will crash the game!
  • Bring the egg back to the PointBack in exchange for a Bay Diamond.
  • Ride the log through the cave and walk down the path to reach the door to Volcano Force Point Temple.
    • Warning: entering this cave, as well as walking down the path towards the door, will crash. You will need to heavily pause buffer to make it through this section. Make sure to save before entering!
  • Use the Bay Diamond to open the door to Volcano Force Point Temple.
  • Get inside by shooting the orbs.
  • Make your way through Volcano Force Point Temple and place the first SpellStone.

The Second Krazoa Spirit - Sabre

  • Follow the path out of Volcano Force Point Temple to Diamond Bay (not through the door you came in!)
  • Walk down the hill to find the second Krazoa shrine.
  • Defeat the miniboss to open the shrine.
  • Go inside the shrine and complete the Test of Strength to collect the second Krazoa spirit.
  • Make your way up the path and back to the SwapStone Hollow.
  • Go to the SwapStone to warp to Warlock Mountain.
  • Release the Krazoa spirit.
  • Warp back to SwapStone Hollow.
  • Swap to Krystal, and don't move! It's imperative for the next step that you save and reload the game without moving.

Journey to CloudRunner Fortress - Krystal

  • Get the Moon Mountain Pass Gate Key from the LightFoot chief.
    • If the LightFoot chief cutscene still doesn't play for you, you may need to bypass the gate by clipping through it with a glitch or by using a Gameshark code to walk through it. Visit the Tricks & Glitches or the Necessary Cheats page for more information.
  • Return to Discovery Falls.
  • Ride the log through the cave to get to Moon Mountain Pass.
  • Go through the gate and up to CloudRunner Fortress.

CloudRunner Fortress - Krystal

  • Be captured and sent to the dungeon.
  • Escape and rescue Gradabug to learn the Illusion spell.
  • Make your way through CloudRunner Fortress to rescue Kyte and learn her Distract command.
  • Rescue Kyte's five brothers.
  • Defeat the two SharpClaw on the Jet Bike in the treasure room, making sure to pick up fuel crystals as you go in order to get the second SpellStone.
  • Talk to Gradabug to activate the SpellStone.
  • Leave CloudRunner Fortress.
    • Kyte's AI is broken around the entrance, you may need to save and reload.

Journey to Desert Force Point Temple - Krystal

  • Go back through SwapStone Hollow to the desert area.
  • Solve the Tumbleweed puzzle to open the door to Golden Plains.
  • Meet Gradabug again and use his advice to get through the desert.
  • Find the Portal spell scroll.
  • Find the entrance to Desert Force Point Temple and use Portal to open it.

Placing the Second SpellStone - Krystal

  • Solve the puzzles to get across the electric floor and activate the elevator.
  • Go down the elevator and solve puzzles to make your way through the temple.
  • Find the first SpellStone holder in the northeastern corner of the temple.

Walled City - Sabre

  • Go back to Swapstone Circle and swap to Sabre
  • Go to Walled City through Swapstone Hollow
  • Solve the timed puzzles to get the Silver Tooth and the Gold Tooth
  • Fight Boss Klanadak and get the third Spellstone
    • This fight is horribly broken at this time
    • Use the zap plates to zap Klanadak and quickly shoot it with a Fire Blast spell
    • Before it has time to get up, run into it and take damage to prevent it from getting lost and stuck in a corner
    • Going into the DinoMod menu and entering the About section allegedly helps 
    • The AI here is likely framerate dependent, so you can try reducing your framerate one way or another here to get it to function somewhat correctly.
  • Get the Spellstone activated by Albada/King EarthWalker
  • Take and deposit the activated Spellstone to Volcano Force Point Temple

Unfortunately, this is where the journey ends. For now, it is impossible to place the second SpellStone in Desert Force Point Temple. There is still much content to explore in this game, but until more information is uncovered or patches are developed, this is as far as you can progress in sequence.

Freeing the CloudRunner - Sabre

Video of this process here

In Dragon Rock,

  1. Walk through big double door with triceratops and up the ramp
  2. Go through locked door then use lever to open it
  3. Get back on triceratops, run into corner of room to hear a clunk (cage spawns).
  4. Cross the gap to the opposite room and pull the lever again.
  5. Back on triceratops, cross the gap again.
  6. Make sure cage still active.
  7. Remote control triceratops then pull lever.
  8. Make sure triceratops goes back outside to the area with the bomb barrels (you can check position by dropping a shroom).
  9. Go to tricky and feed him a mushroom.
    1. Game will not crash as long as your triceratops is above ground.
    2. This can happen if the triceratops walks through a wall, because it will slowly sink downwards
    3. The triceratops moves much faster than Sabre/Fox, so micro adjustments are very important
  10. Pause.
  11. Ride triceratops back to main dragon rock area.
  12. Dismount. Walk back, use tricky to burn cage.
  13. Get cloudrunner, mount cloudrunner, fly.


  1. You don't have to keep the cloudrunner model spawned, in order to trigger the cutscene where it gets out of the cage, after you burn it with Tricky
  2. The crash IS CONSISTENT and happens because you warp to the last known triceratops when activating the cutscene. This crashes the game, if the triceratops has fallen through the floor. You therefore have to be careful when RCing it that it doesn't fall out of the map.
  3. It's possible to end Remote Control Triceratops by activating disguise, talking to Tricky (which forces you back onto triceratops in a weird, glitched, t-pose state), then approaching the sharpclaw (OR JUST BY PAUSING!). Cutscene plays where Sabre says "War over, we eat now". This ends t-pose state and allows you to dismount triceratops properly by pressing B.
  4. Ride the triceratops up to a different area, then walk back and mount the cloudrunner (LKT still in effect until you move the triceratops to another area).
  5. Then you can go and burn the cage, to let it drop and get the cutscene as normal.
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