This page contains all the details you need to know to get started with playing Dinosaur Planet, including where to find the ROM, how to play on an emulator, and how to play on a real Nintendo 64 console with a flash cart.

Downloading the ROM

The ROM for Dinosaur Planet can be found on the Internet Archive. Download the zip file on the right side listed under Download Options and extract it. Inside, you will find several files:

  • rom
  • rom_crack.z64
  • normpnt.rom
  • normslp.rom
  • readme.txt

Check out readme.txt for more information on these files and the origin of the ROM. In short, the rom file is the unmodified dump, but contains numerous security protections that make it unplayable. The rom_crack.z64 file is a modified version of the ROM that allows it to work on emulators as well as flash carts on a real Nintendo 64.