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Spells are abilites granted to both Saber and Krystal by finding Randorn's missing spellbook pages. All of them cost varying levels of magic power, and do a large variety of things

Fireball  Fireball Spell Icon

Found inWarlock Mountain (Randorn)
In SFA?Yes

A magical projectile, complete with a targeting reticle. Can be activated through either the spell menu, or by holding  Z 

By holding down the A button while aiming, you can charge your projectile shot before firing. Charged shots consume more magic. There are 3 stages the charge goes through. Each stage is represented by a color (orange = weak, yellow = moderate, cyan = strong), and a sound cue is played every time you transition between two stages. Your character's aiming animation will also speed up when reaching higher charge stages. The second stage can defeat SharpClaws in a single hit. The third and most powerful stage shoots a single powerful energy ball, with two weak energy balls being fired immediately after (unless you release the aim button).

Forcefield  Forcefield Spell Icon

Cost1 per [x] seconds
Found inCape Claw (Caged LightFoot)
In SFA?Adapted

A forcefield that surrounds the player. Can be used to protect Krystal or Saber from poisonous gasses and certain kinds of lasers. Be warned, it can be de-activated by doing most combat-related actions, and does not offer protection from more standard types of attack.

Portal   Portal Spell Icon. Resembles portal door

Found inGolden Plains (Chimney Swipe)
In SFA?Yes

By casting this spell, certain doors (imaged below) can be removed. Be careful, this spell does not work properly unless your weapon is put away. In this case, the animation will play out but the door won't actually open. Trying to use the spell a second time will result in the door being opened correctly.

Top left portal doorTop right portal door
Bottom left portal doorBottom right portal door

Disguise   Disguise spell icon

Cost1 per [x] seconds
Found inCloudRunner Fortress (Spellstone Guardian)
In SFA?Yes

Disguises Krystal as a SharpClaw, and Sabre as... Fox? Don't worry, he will still pass as a SharpClaw. Sometimes. Can be used to fool certain SharpClaw and GuardClaws into thinking you are a friend and letting you pass.

Randorn Wizard  Randorn Wizard spell icon

Found inWarlock Mountain (Randorn) [citation needed]
In SFA????

Shoots a fiery mine that explodes and hurts enemies, as well as recharging your magic for more than it costs (likely a leftover from development).

By holding down the A button while aiming, you can charge the grenade shot before firing. This affects how far the projectile will travel, but it won't affect how much magic is consumed or how much damage the projectile deals.

Your vertical aiming range is significantly increased when selecting Randorn Wizard compared to other projectile spells. By aiming all the way up, it's possible to fire grenades behind you if they are charged enough.

To select this spell, start aiming then use the C-stick and A to select the spell while still aiming.

Ice Blast  Ice Blast spell icon

Found in???
In SFA?Yes

Shoots a cloud of ice in front of the user, using a high amount of magic in the process. Bugged; glitched textures will appear, and sometimes outright crashes the game.

To select this spell, start aiming then use the C-stick and A to select the spell while still aiming.

Mind Read  Mind Read spell icon

Found inKrazoa Palace
In SFA????

Read the minds of enemies. Very bugged; cutscenes seem unfinished, triggers for the spell are nonintuitive, and it reacts with objects it most likely should not. All known unique are documented here, however it can be used on anything with a purple targeting icon. Non-unique cases always give the message "General Response of Mind Read"

Spell Unused spell icon. Looks like an eye

Found in[N/A]
In SFA?[N/A]

Completely nonfunctional. Allegedly sometimes acts the same as Fireball.




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