"Let me tell you the history... of Dinosaur Planet." - Randorn


Randorn is the father of two sons, Sabre his youngest and his eldest son (unnamed) that died in battle. He later on adopted Krystal from the Fox Tribe. He's aged 65 years old approximately, wise and loves to teach magic skills to others. In the game, he's very weak after Scales attacked and he is stuck in Warlock Mountain. The player will visit him when returning with a spirit.

Early Story (From Character Bio)

Randorn was the leader of the Wolven armies and was able to win considerable battles aggainst the Vixon Trible. One faiteful battle took the life of his eldest son and filled with grief, Randorn left his tribe to live alone.

The next day, he searched in Northwood Forest for magical roots and fumble across a Vixen camp. His blood boiled and infested of a new rage he unleashed a terrible fury on the Vixen until they were all dead. Feeling guilty afterward he gave each and everyone a proper burial.

He remarked tracks on the ground, they lead him to a young Vixen, afraid now orphan. He decided to raise her as his own and names her Krystal. At the age of twelve, he made her a staff out of the most precious materials. Together they went on many expeditions and during one of these they stumbled on an Ancient Ruin. 

Randorn entered alone and found an object that activated an hologram, the King of the Earthwalkers appeared and asked for help on his world Dinosaur Planet. Randorn ordered Krystal to find Sabre and join him there and he jumped into the vortex to the distant planet.

Story Resume (From Rare's Website)


Transcript : A legendary wizard and wise historian, hauted by certain dark deeds in his past. Randown has roamed the world the ten long years since the elder of his two sons was kille, but has now come to terms with the grief and learned to control the rage. His reunion with the son he left behind will come about sooner than he thinks, as the old wizard finds himself in way over his head...

Character Bio

The characters' biographies were leaked (with other promotional material such as official renders, condensed story and gameplay footage) on the website RareThief in September 2012. All bios are dated for the year 2000.

It’s worth mentioning though, not all character’s information and trivia are present in the December 1, 2000 prototype. These were probably written pretty early on the development of the game to summarize each character but were not really changed after the game’s story underwent many changes and evolutions. (i.e : Krystal backstory not being mentioned except that she was adopted by Randorn, or Krystal’s crush on Sabre even though they are siblings.)



Name : Randorn
Age : Gets very annoyed when asked, but believed to be around 65
Height : 6ft approx.
Likes : To teach his skills to others and a drop of whiskey

May be a remnant from a past story, this isn’t mentioned in the final game.

Dislikes : The effects of war, hangovers and noisy kids!
Weapon : Magic
Combat style : Due to his advancing years tends to stick to using his Magic powers.
Favorite spell : The forcefield spell
Favorite food : Ancient Night Vision Roots (Carrots)
Special abilities : Randorn has the ability to use natural elements to create very useful spells. Can also make a very respectable berry pie!

Questions / Answers

📚 This questions and answers section is directly from Randorn's character biography from RareThief's blog.

  • What does Randorn want to do when Dinosaur Planet has been saved?
    The old wizard would like to live his retirement watching over Sabre and Krystal, as they lead the mighty Wolven tribe into a new era of peace... and good soak in the tub wouldn't hurt either!
  • Personality
    A great leader, master of magic and a skilled warrior! These are all descriptions that have been given to Randorn. His weakness is his family. The death of his eldest son unleashed the dark side of his nature and if you ask the Vixen to describe him, they would say he was the butcher of the innocent! He holds a dark secret, which if Krystal ever discovers, she would kill him!

This is interesting because, in the voicelines found in the game there is a moment where Randorn tries to tell the truth to Krystal about her parents' death but he's stopped by her because she only remembers him and doens't want to know. 'There is only you.'

  • Role within the game
    During the course of the game Randorn will reside in Warlock Mountain. The player will visit him every time they return to the mountain with a spirit. The old wizard is very knowledgeable and will be an invaluable guide for the player as they journey through the adventure. He will also give out spare magic item of Magic Energy if the player is running out.

Concept Art and Early Representations


This is a section of Nick Southam's piece on his artstation. In this piece, we can see a younger wizard and adopted Krystal.
Randorn sports a lot more stuff (A huge backpack), travelling stick and coat compared to his model in-game. Of course, this coudl also be due that Randorn at that time was travelling a lot and his in-game model reflects a more casual outfit.


In this storyboard, by Michael Cawood, we see a much more close in-game appearence of Randorn (Toge, no cape/coat, his long nose and slouched demeanor). We unfortunatly don't have full renders like Sabre or Krystal of Randorn at the moment.

Renders and Models


"Character Bio" Render

This render appears to closely match Randorn's in-game appearance, although it is only a render of his head.




In-Game Model

Randorn in-game model is pretty similar to his lonely headshot render. These screenshots are taken from the return of Krystal to Warlock Mountain after her first spirit, they introduce themselves as the first Quan Ata Lachu, first born of eight and explain they have to be found in order to have peace back on Dinosaur Planet.

We also learn the Krazoa are the one testing Krystal and Sabre in the various tests in order to gain a spirit of a Quan Ata Lachu.

Promotional material

⚠️ This section is missing information and pictures. Unfortunatly, very little material was found for Randorn.

Story in-game


Randorn is in Warlock Mountain, behind a close door guarded by a Sharpclaw.


Randorn sits by a torch, under a stained glass.


After telling Dinosaur Planet's story to Krystal, Randorn gives his spellbook to her. He tells her she must find the pages to gain more spells since they were cast into the storm by Scales.


Randorn tells Krystal to go to Discovery Falls, then falls a bit on the side. He's reassuring Krystal that he'll be alright with the magic in this place.

Voice lines

🎧 To be continued, separate some important voice lines and transcript them as well :

- "Let me tell you the story... of Dinosaur Planet."
- Krystal's encounter with Randorn when she brings back a Quan Ata Lachu.
- Randorn's confession to Krystal about her parents.

Cutscenes & gameplay

🎞️ Link some important cutscenes :

- Quan Ata Lachu reveal
- Krystal meeting Randorn
- Krystal trying to feed Randorn (broken cutscene)
- The confession cutscene (Randorn trying to tell the truth about Krystal's parents - not found yet)...

Screenshots in-game

Early screenshots


Some of the only screenshots we have of Randorn, from the Quan Ata Lachu cutscene after Krystal comes back on Warlock Mountain. Randorn seems pretty similar.

Screenshots from the prototype





Endgame story (Spoiler)

🙈 The next section will spoil the story end of Dinosaur Planet, read at your own risks!

 ⚠️ This section is missing information in text, pictures and in video if possible.


  • It's possible to give food to Randorn as Krystal with the Food Bag albeit the eating animation is not completed and will look broken. A capture of the animation can be seen here.