Read Before Proceeding!

These cheats are not necessary when using a patched ROM as described in the Getting Started page. Using the cheats below with a patched ROM will have no effect and may even break things.
It is recommended you use a patched version of the game as opposed to using cheats in order to get the best experience.


Infinite Health
805C3971 007C 805C3965 007C

Infinite Magic
815C3968 0019 815C3974 0019

All Spells
815C4DBE D71F

Infinite Tricky Energy
805C397C 0004

Infinite Max Scarabs
815C396C 00FF 815C3978 00FF

Garunda Te Only Needs 4 Frost Weeds
D05C4C3E 0060 805C4C3E 0061

Skip Feeding Garunda Te Entirely
D05C4C3E 0060 D05C4C3D 0000 805C4C3D 008A D05C4C3E 0060 D05C4C3D 0001 805C4C3D 008B D05C4C3E 0060 D05C4C3D 0004 805C4C3D 008A D05C4C3E 0060 D05C4C3D 0005 805C4C3D 008B D05C4C3E 0060 805C4C3E 0063

One Hit Kill Enemies
815CC20C 240D 815CC20E 0000


Pickup Fix
814F92E2 05B1

Learn Distract for Tricky
D05C4C80 0001 805C4C80 0009 D05C4C80 0003 805C4C80 000B D05C4C80 0011 805C4C80 0019 D05C4C80 0013 805C4C80 001B

Display Scarab Counter
805C4D66 0008

Prevent Krystal from Being Gassed More Than Once
D05C4C4F 0076 D05C4C50 0007 805C4C50 0006 D05C4C4F 0076 D05C4C50 0006 805C4C4F 007E D05C4C4F 0076 D05C4C50 00FE 805C4C4F 007F

Galadon Boss Fix
815C522E 0001

Diamond Bay River Crash Fix
You can't leave the code on or it will crash 100% of the times. You should only turn the code on when you are swimming in the river (or going backwards on the bridge) and when you trigger the transition for the rocks to spawn, you should disable the code (before triggering the cutscene of Diamond Bay)
805C4F51 0002

Trigger Blue Monster in Golden Plains
The code triggers the blue monster in the desert to fly up as if you completed the flame puzzle. Warning! The code triggers only once per savefile and activates as soon as it's turned on, so make sure you are close to the area you need to cross and get ready to run, otherwise you'll have to reload save.
815C5129 0040

Cell Keys 'Used' Fix (Automatic) [Dark Ice Mines]
D05C4D75 0056 D05C4D76 0001 805C4D74 00E2 D05C4D75 00FE D05C4D76 0007 805C4D74 00FA D05C4D78 00FF 805C4D77 0071 D05C4D7A 009F 805C4D7A 00BF

Galadon Kill Gives Spellstone (Automatic) [Dark Ice Mines]
D05C53A7 001C D05C53AB 0006 D05C3C5B 0000 805C4D6C 00EF

Shield Saving Fix
D05C4DBE 0002 D05C4C4E 00E4 805C4DBE 0012


Disable Subtitles
8059DB57 0000

Disable Map View
805CD9A8 0000

Widescreen (16:9)
810BCE30 3FE3 810BCE32 D70A

Ultra Widescreen (21:9)
810BCE30 4017 810BCE32 AE14

No AA/VI filters
81097E6C 0000 81097E9C 0000 D1097E6E 3056 81097E6E 3242 D1097E9E 3016 81097E9E 3202

Disable Environment Updates
81013E14 3C04 81013E16 0001

Force Best Player Model
81035B9C 081F 81035B9E C000 81035BA0 0000 81035BA2 0000 817F0000 3C02 817F0002 805C 817F0004 8C42 817F0006 1568 817F0008 1040 817F000A 0003 817F000C 0000 817F000E 0000 817F0010 2409 817F0012 0001 817F0014 A049 817F0016 00AD 817F0018 81C9 817F001A 00AD 817F001C 0800 817F001E D6E9 817F0020 0019 817F0022 10C0

Force Disguise Sabre
814EA030 0802 814EA032 6C71 814EA034 0000 814EA036 0000 8109B1C4 3C04 8109B1C6 8048 8109B1C8 8C84 8109B1CA 9A8C 8109B1CC 8E19 8109B1CE 0050 8109B1D0 1499 8109B1D2 0003 8109B1D4 85E4 8109B1D6 0182 8109B1D8 2404 8109B1DA 0002 8109B1DC A204 8109B1DE 00AD 8109B1E0 8F99 8109B1E2 0020 8109B1E4 8E04 8109B1E6 0030 8109B1E8 0813 8109B1EA A80E 8109B1EC 0000 8109B1EE 0000

Fox Model Swap Sabre Mod
81021780 0C02 81021782 6CC1 81021784 0000 81021786 0000 8109B304 240E 8109B306 0007 8109B308 108E 8109B30A 0003 8109B30C 240E 8109B30E 0008 8109B310 148E 8109B312 0002 8109B314 0000 8109B316 0000 8109B318 2404 8109B31A 0009 8109B31C 0800 8109B31E 5F57 8109B320 0004 8109B322 2023

No Fade-Out/Fade-In Animation
804FC878 0000

Inventory Items

Warning: Using the inventory codes can lead to other problems regarding story pregression, unexpected crashes, preventing picking up other items, resetting puzzles in the surrounding area and locking some progress values. It is because of the limitation of gameshark codes and can't be avoided; using these codes will change some other values that the game uses to keep track of things. For further information as to what code can potentially affect, you can check the Flags, Items, and Spells page in the Tech section.

The safest way to use these codes is to turn it on to give yourself the item and turning it off again immediately to prevent further values from being locked in. Some emulators (like Project64) will reset the value to what it was before if you turn the code off, which is problematic. For that emulator, you would want to instead turn the code on, move your character in a checkpoint location so the in-game save applies correctly, save the game, turn the code off and then reset the game. You should have the item you cheated in still but will also have the code off.


Gate Key [Northern Waste]
805C4D65 0040

Max Alpine Roots (3)
805C4D6A 0003

Spellstone [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D6C 00EF

Activated Spellstone [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D6C 0010

Mine Key [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D67 0001

All Gears [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D68 0055

All Gears Used [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D68 00FF

Gear #1 [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D68 0010

Gear #2 [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D68 0040

Gear #3 [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D68 0001

Gear #4 [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D68 0004

Horn [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D6C 0020

Cell Key #1 (Tricky's Prison Cell) [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D74 0020

Cell Key #2 (Belina's Prison Cell) [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D74 0080

Cell Key #3 (Wooden Door 1) [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D77 0020

Cell Key #4 (Wooden Door 2) [Dark Ice Mines]
805C4D7A 0010

Silver Tooth [Walled City]
805C4D80 0004

Gold Tooth [Walled City]
805C4D80 0008

Sun Stone [Walled City]
805C4D80 0040

Moon Stone [Walled City]
805C4D80 0080

Sun & Moon Stone [Walled City]
805C4D80 00C0

Forcefield spell? (looks like a Key)
805C4D9C 0002

2 Shiny Crystals? (Glitched item)
805C4DAC 00FF

Bay Diamond [Diamond Bay]
805C4DBB 0020

Pointback Egg [Diamond Bay]
805C4DBB 0040

Unlimited Mushrooms (All types)
805C4D39 00F0 805C4D3A 00FF 805C4D3B 000F

No Mushroom (All types)
805C4D39 0000 805C4D3A 0000 805C4D3B 0000


Shiney Nugget #1
805C4C3F 0001

Shiney Nugget #2
805C4C3F 0002

Moon Mountain Pass Key ('Prison Key') [Cloudrunner Fortress]
805C4C40 0040

Shiney Nugget #3 [Cape Claw]
D05C4C4F 0000 805C4C4F 0002 D05C4C4F 0001 805C4C4F 0003

10 Blue Grubs (Cloudrunner Food)
805C4C51 00A0

Cell Door Key [Cape Claw]
805C4C51 0001

3 Fire Crystals [Cape Claw]
805C4C52 0008

3 Krazoa Tablets [Cape Claw]
805C4C53 00E0

Snowbike Key
805C4C58 0004

Warp Activator [Warlock Mountain]
805C4C5B 0020

Spellstone [Cloudrunner Fortress]
805C4D41 0002

Spellstone [2?]
805C4DAC 0010

Spellstone [3?]
805C4DAC 0002

Prison Key [Cloudrunner Fortress]
805C4D49 0020

Red Power Crystal [Cloudrunner Fortress]
805C4D4B 0080

Green Power Crystal [Cloudrunner Fortress]
805C4D4C 0001

Blue Power Crystal [Cloudrunner Fortress]
805C4D4C 0020

Power Room Key [Cloudrunner Fortress]
805C4D4D 0080

Treasure Chest Key [Cloudrunner Fortress]
805C4D56 0004

Construction Engineer's Key
805C4D5F 0020

Mystery Item (looks like Krazoa Tablet)
805C4DBF 0008

Remove Krystal Krazoa 1 Spirit
805C4D99 0008 805C4D9E 0004

Have Krystal Krazoa 1 Spirit
805C4D99 0028 805C4D9E 000C

Returned Krystal Krazoa 1 Spirit
805C4D99 0038 805C4D9E 0004


Max Moon Seeds (7)
805C4C4B 00D0 805C4C4B 0001

Small Food Bag
815C4DC0 013E

Medium Food Bag
815C4DC0 033E

Large Food Bag
815C4DC0 073E

Small Grubs Bag
815C4DC0 40C0

Medium Grubs Bag
815C4DC0 C0C0

Large Grubs Bag
815C4DC0 C0C1

Both Large Bags/Actions

Lantern (10 Fireflies)
805C4DCF 000A

Max Food/Grubs
Spawning the food works for both characters. However, due to the way the game keeps track of rotten food, The player cannot 'use' the food (feed, drop, etc.), unless combined with another code. Use the codes from the modifiers 'Player' Can Use 'Food/Grubs' down below to be able to use the food you spawn in. (Only 1 food & grubs item can be forced-used at a time, so multiple codes on will conflict)

Miscellaneous Codes

Levitate Noclip
814EA390 0802 814EA392 6C2D 814EA394 8FBC 814EA396 0030 8109B0B4 8FBF 8109B0B6 0034 8109B0B8 3C04 8109B0BA 800D 8109B0BC 8084 8109B0BE D3F5 8109B0C0 2405 8109B0C2 0020 8109B0C4 50A4 8109B0C6 0003 8109B0C8 0000 8109B0CA 0000 8109B0CC 0813 8109B0CE A8E6 8109B0D0 0000 8109B0D2 0000 8109B0D4 3C05 8109B0D6 800A 8109B0D8 80A4 8109B0DA B160 8109B0DC 1080 8109B0DE 0003 8109B0E0 0000 8109B0E2 0000 8109B0E4 2404 8109B0E6 00A4 8109B0E8 A204 8109B0EA 00FB 8109B0EC 80A4 8109B0EE B161 8109B0F0 5480 8109B0F2 0003 8109B0F4 A0A0 8109B0F6 B161 8109B0F8 1000 8109B0FA 0005 8109B0FC 0000 8109B0FE 0000 8109B100 2404 8109B102 00AF 8109B104 A204 8109B106 00FB 8109B108 1000 8109B10A 0013 8109B10C 0000 8109B10E 0000 8109B110 80A4 8109B112 B160 8109B114 1080 8109B116 0010 8109B118 0000 8109B11A 0000 8109B11C 3C06 8109B11E 4000 8109B120 AE06 8109B122 0028 8109B124 8606 8109B126 0360 8109B128 2404 8109B12A 001C 8109B12C 1486 8109B12E 0002 8109B130 2404 8109B132 001D 8109B134 A604 8109B136 0360 8109B138 2404 8109B13A 0014 8109B13C 1486 8109B13E 0002 8109B140 2404 8109B142 0001 8109B144 A604 8109B146 0360 8109B148 2404 8109B14A 000D 8109B14C 1486 8109B14E 0002 8109B150 2404 8109B152 0001 8109B154 A604 8109B156 0360 8109B158 0813 8109B15A A8E6 8109B15C 0000 8109B15E 0000 D109B160 7276 8109B160 0000 D00CD3F4 0008 8109B160 0100 D00CD3F4 0004 8109B160 0001

Play as Sabre (File 1)
805C3C5B 0000 805C3C67 0000

Play as Krystal (File 1)
805C3C5B 0001 805C3C67 0001

Projectile Shot Is Riding Cloudrunner
81253086 03CF

Crates Are Drakor
8125372E 005B

Redeye Replaces Crates
8125372E 00F9

Bats Are Fox Clones
812535EC 0019

Crates Contain Player Clones
8104A948 0000 8104A94A 0000 81252E06 0002

Some Crates Are Kyte
8125372E 0005

Tricky Looks Like Krystal
81017EC8 081F 81017ECA C540 81017ECC 0000 81017ECE 0000 817F1500 240D 817F1502 000C 817F1504 51ED 817F1506 0001 817F1508 240F 817F150A 0001 817F150C 3C0D 817F150E 800B 817F1510 8DAD 817F1512 17A0 817F1514 0800 817F1516 5FB4 817F1518 0000 817F151A 0000

Jellyfish Is Drakor
8125392A 005B

Tricky Burps Instead Of Barking
81577B14 8056 81577B16 5568

Totem Chanting As All Instruments
81073DE0 0802 81073DE2 6C59 8109B164 3C05 8109B166 8054 8109B168 24A5 8109B16A 8250 8109B16C 0801 8109B16E CF7A 8109B170 0000 8109B172 0000


Menu Game Complete %
802D7B55 00??
FF 123% CE 100% 06 2%

Map Loader Mod
81045920 2413 81045922 ????
0001 Cape Claw? 0002 A level map that you can see 0007 Swapstone Hollow 000E Forest before Cape Claw

Play as Modifier (File 1)
805C3C5B 00?? 805C3C67 00??
00 Fox 01 Krystal

Crates Contain Player Clones
8104A948 0000 8104A94A 0000 81252E06 ????
0001 Fox 0002 Krystal

Fox's Sword Is Player Copy
81252E36 ????
0001 Fox 0002 Krystal

Krystal's Staff Is Player Copy
81252EC2 ????
0001 Fox 0002 Krystal

Jellyfish Is Modifier
8125392A ????
002B Robot Scropion 002A Larger Robot Scorpion 0029 Snake 0026 Kamerian heart 0023 Flying enemy from kamerian heart room that crashes the game 0019 Fox (enemy/krazoa shrine?) 0015 Bribeclaw 00A1 Chest 00A2 Open Chest 00A6 Galleon 00A7 LOD? Galleon 0060 Red Ring 0066 Red atmosphere and creepy music 00F9 Redeye 0067 King Redeye boss 0038 Bees 00B9 Baby CloudRunner 00CA Clapperboard 00CE Chest stealing drone 00F1 Spellstone (notsure which one) 0066 Seems to give a red atmosphere/hue and plays some creepy music 0051 Galadon Part 1 0052 Galadon Part 2 0053 Galadon Part 3 0038 Is a swarm of something (I assume bees) 0249 Balloon Door 0 024A Balloon Door 10 024B Balloon Door C 024C Balloon Door 0 C 024D Balloon Door Double C 024E Glitched Test Dino Head 024F N64 Logo 0250 Party Banner Trees 0251 Rareware Logo 0252 DKR Key? 0253 Strange Cone 0254 Track Select Picture Frame?

Music Sounds Mod
81073DE0 0802 81073DE2 6C59 8109B164 3C0C 8109B166 800A 8109B168 858C 8109B16A B184 8109B16C 3C05 8109B16E 8057 8109B170 24A5 8109B172 7870 8109B174 00AC 8109B176 2820 8109B178 8CA5 8109B17A 000C 8109B17C 0801 8109B17E CF7A 8109B180 24A5 8109B182 0010 8109B184 0000 D109B186 6974 8109B186 0000 8109B186 ????
0004 Lowest Value 0050 Garbled Message Dialogue 0170 Strange 0174 Strange 0178 Sand Footstep 017C Powerful Whoosh 0180 Roar 0184 Snarl 0188 Swish? 018C Hard Thud 0190 Dog Growl 0194 Explosion 0198 Footstep? 019C Rocky Thud 01A0 Loud Clank 01A4 Leather Foley 01A8 Gravel Footstep 01AC Blast 01B0 Swish 01B4 Electric Shock 01B8 Electric Hum 01BC Electric Buzz 01C0 Electric Jolt 01C4 Big Swoosh 01C8 Big Swoosh 01CC Oouh! 01D0 Ooh! 01D4 Urh! 01D8 Uhh! 01DC Krystal Augh! 01E0 Ohh! 01E4 Aah! 01E8 Oh! 01EC Augh! 01F0 Oof! 01F4 Electrical 01FC Tap Thud 0204 Tap Thud 020C Water 0210 Splish 0214 Kerploop 0218 Splash 021C Sand? 0220 Chanting 0224 Bubbling 0228 Splash 022C Shreik 0230 Groan 0234 Whoosh 0238 Shiver? 023C Ice? 0240 Chop 0244 Slash 0248 Magic Explosion 024C Sizzle? 0250 Blast 0258 Hah! 025C Hoh! 0260 Krystal Grunt 0264 Ya! 0268 Yah! 026C Yeah! 0270 Huff! 0274 Yuh! 0278 Kih! 027C Ah 0280 Breathing 0284 Hup 0288 Hoop 028C Hup 0290 Water? 0450 Krystal Scream 0F40 Highest Value 0298 Tricky Bark ? 03E8 Tricky Bark 08B8 Fox Scream 09A0 Burp 0448 SharpClaw 044C SharpClaw Press Zed to fight! 0444 Hey you! C'mon fight!

Projectile Model Changer
Hold Z and press d-pad directions for changing between the 4 model choices you made, also can Hold R and press d-pad directions to choose different scaling to prevent some models from being overly massive or too tiny. Spawns with projectile shots. First one will be the original model if an actor instance is not already loaded, consecutive spawns will have the current changed model ID. xxxx=actor's model ID yyyy_yyyy=Scale of actor's model (sizes vary per model so its tough to judge the size, Rare logo defaults to huge so it needs 3C80 to be reasonably sized)
81253086 0000 81020AC4 0802 81020AC6 6C62 8109B188 3C11 8109B18A 8048 8109B18C 8E31 8109B18E 9A88 8109B190 1220 8109B192 0007 8109B194 0000 8109B196 0000 8109B198 3C08 8109B19A 800A 8109B19C 8508 8109B19E B1BE 8109B1A0 A628 8109B1A2 00AE 8109B1A4 3C08 8109B1A6 800A 8109B1A8 8D08 8109B1AA B1C0 8109B1AC AE28 8109B1AE 0004 8109B1B0 0000 8109B1B2 8025 8109B1B4 0800 8109B1B6 82B3 8109B1B8 0000 8109B1BA 8825 D109B1BC 7469 8109B1BC 0000 D00CD3F4 0028 8109B1BE xxxx D00CD3F4 0024 8109B1BE xxxx D00CD3F4 0022 8109B1BE xxxx D00CD3F4 0021 8109B1BE xxxx D10CD3F4 0810 8109B1C0 yyyy D10CD3F4 0810 8109B1C2 yyyy D10CD3F4 0410 8109B1C0 yyyy D10CD3F4 0410 8109B1C2 yyyy D10CD3F4 0210 8109B1C0 yyyy D10CD3F4 0210 8109B1C2 yyyy D10CD3F4 0110 8109B1C0 yyyy D10CD3F4 0110 8109B1C2 yyyy
xxxx; 0001 Krystal 000C Tricky 000F Kyte 0088 Shadow Hunter? 0249 Balloon Door 0 024A Balloon Door 10 024B Balloon Door Cleared 024C Balloon Door 0 and Cleared 024D Balloon Door Double Cleared 024E Glitched Test Dino Head 024F N64 Logo 0250 Party Banner Trees 0251 Rareware Logo 0252 DKR Key 0253 Strange Cone 0254 Track Select Picture Frame? yyyy; 3C80_0000 Small 3D80_0000 Big? 3E80_0000 Larger 3F80_0000 Possibly Massive

Krystal Can Use Food (1)
805C3AB1 00??
01 Green Apple 02 Red Apple 04 Brown Apple 08 Fish 10 Smoked Fish 20 Dino Egg 40 Moldy Meat 80 Green Bean

Krystal Can Use Food (2)
805C3AB2 00??
01 Red Bean 02 Brown Bean 04 Blue Bean

Krystal Can Use Grubs
805C3C19 00??
01 Blue Mushroom 02 Red Mushroom 04 Old Mushroom 08 Blue Grub 10 Red Grub 20 Old Grub

Fox/Sabre Can Use Food (1)
805C39FD 00??
01 Green Apple 02 Red Apple 04 Brown Apple 08 Fish 10 Smoked Fish 20 Dino Egg 40 Moldy Meat 80 Green Bean

Fox/Sabre Can Use Food (2)
805C39FC 00??
01 Red Bean 02 Brown Bean 04 Blue Bean

Fox/Sabre Can Use Grubs
805C3B65 00??
01 Blue Mushroom 02 Red Mushroom 04 Old Mushroom 08 Blue Grub 10 Red Grub 20 Old Grub


Unused Options Menu
8008C857 0041

Return Out of Options Menu
8008C853 003C 8008C857 003F

Disable Objects Streaming
800AE29C 0001

Disable All Objects
810B1924 0000 810B1926 0000

D-Pad Up to cause a Respawn
D10A7DC0 0800 800B4A58 0001

Teleport Tricky to Player (Press D-Pad Down)
814FD888 0802 814FD88A 6C37 8109B0DC 3C02 8109B0DE 800A 8109B0E0 8442 8109B0E2 7DC0 8109B0E4 2403 8109B0E6 0400 8109B0E8 1443 8109B0EA 0007 8109B0EC 8E5C 8109B0EE 00E4 8109B0F0 8F82 8109B0F2 000C 8109B0F4 8F83 8109B0F6 0010 8109B0F8 8F9C 8109B0FA 0014 8109B0FC AE42 8109B0FE 0000 8109B100 AE43 8109B102 0004 8109B104 AE5C 8109B106 0008 8109B108 8E45 8109B10A 0000 8109B10C 0813 8109B10E F624 8109B110 8E46 8109B112 0008

Shoot Projectile To Reach Demo
81253086 0426

Replace Demo Actor With Dummy Object
812537CE 0000


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