Star Fox Adventures was the end result of Dinosaur Planet's development. Dinosaur Planet was in development from late 1997, until late 2002 when it was rebranded to Star Fox Adventures and released on the Gamecube on September 23rd, 2002. Many fans remember it as being Rare's last release on a non-handheld Nintendo console.

Star Fox Adventures upon release received mixed reviews from critics. Some reviews praised the new direction, while other reviews criticized the on-foot mechanics, and the lack of flying sections.  Many wondered why there was a lack of air combat in a series known for arcade space-shooting action, and that's because Star Fox Adventures obviously wasn't meant to be a Star Fox game, and started out as its own title.  (You can see this in the December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet, where voice lines / dialogue is changed to reference Star Fox characters!) 

The story of Star Fox Adventures recycles many plot elements from Dinosaur Planet, being General Scales, the Krazoa, etc. But majority of the plot elements were tossed away, simplified, or were outright removed. (i.e., Sabre and Randorn) Many areas from Dinosaur Planet were recycled in Star Fox Adventures with improved geometry, textures, effects, etc. Despite that, most areas / levels were cut. (Warlock Mountain, Discovery Falls, etc.) Most controversially, Krystal from Dinosaur Planet was reintroduced with a radically different design and was only playable in the opening section of the game.

In conclusion, Star Fox Adventures is a product of its time. It has never been re-released / remastered, and the chances of it getting any official recognition from Nintendo is low. 



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