Playthroughs and walkthroughs (Guides)

Here some of the playthroughs and guides from the community. Also including the very first in-dept leak from Rare Thief, for comparason sakes.

Original playthrough leaked (By Rare Thief)

10 September 2012

This video includes the first 18 minutes of the unreleased game Dinosaur Planet from boot up to the end of Krystal's first chapter. It also includes 40 more minutes of Sabre and Krystal gameplay throughout the game.


Yume's guide and playthrough

27 February 2021

Together we can make it through this beautiful, hot mess as much as intended!

Jeebs' playthough

20 February 2021

Thanks to the folks at Forest of Illusion for making this possible. Running on Project64

Laming Gaming's playthrough (Wii)

1 September 2021

Hello guys and welcome back to another helpful video. In this video, I'll be playing through the opening of the unreleased Dinosaur Planet for the N64. This game ended up being cancelled, and was moved to the GameCube in 2001 and became Star Fox Adventures. The prototype of this build leaked on Feb 20th by Forest of Illusion on Twitter.

This video is the first part of a long recording session I had, I'm turning the footage into some form of walkthrough to help others progress. Keep in mind that It's still not 100%, even with the "dinopatch v2.4".

Laming Gaming's second playthrough (On a N64)

7 June 2022

I thought to give an update on the current state of Dinosaur Planet! The game has had some major bug fixes and improvements since DINOMOD v2.4, so much so that you can play through a big portion of the game with minimal issues. Progression in later sections can still be a little fiddly, but is far better than what it was.




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