Initial Release DateOctober 8, 2022
Latest Release DateOctober 27, 2022
Current Versionv0.3.1



DinoLauncher is a rudimentary tool first released by sabre230 in October 2022 that updates a local copy of the Dinosaur Planet ROM with the most recent patches and updates. The intent is to remove the need for manual patching of binaries, xdelta files, etc. and allow the game to be accessible to a wider demographic. The application is currently only available on Windows, but a Linux release is reportedly planned.

How to Use

  • Please note these instructions can also be found in the DinoLauncher Wiki.
  • Start by selecting an update branch.
    • Stable is slower to update but typically easier to deal with
    • Nightly is more frequent but can suffer from unforeseen hiccups.
  • Browse for your Dinosaur Planet ROM file. It will typically be named "rom_crack.z64" from most sources.
  • Click Check for Updates to check the DinoLauncher repository for any new patches.
  • Once updates are done downloading, click Apply Patch.
    • Optionally, you may check the box to use HQ player models at the cost of performance.
  • Once the patch is complete (it's usually quite fast) the game directory will open and you'll be given the option to LAUNCH the game.
  • Have fun and enjoy this formerly lost piece of video game history!


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