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This page lists all of the known tricks and glitches that have been found in Dinosaur Planet. These can all be performed without the use of any GameShark codes or patches.


There are a few different ways that you can continuously "slide" at a constant velocity in Dinosaur Planet. In general, this trick can be performed by holding Z to go into Projectile mode while you are being pushed back by either an entity or a tight corner. You can slide off large entities, such as a SnowHorn, a SharpClaw guard, or the Queen Earthwalker, as well as any interactable entity, such as Scarab jars or Energy Egg boxes. Sliding from a corner without an entity will generally be very slow, while sliding from a tight space between an entity and a wall will often be very fast. Currently, the fastest known slide can be performed in the space behind the large Scarab jar in LightFoot Village, to the right of the door.

Sliding also has the effect of allowing you to traverse the floor of bodies of water without swimming, or taking damage from cold water. Additionally, you will not drown if you slide through an area in a body of water where you would normally drown.  You are not, however, invincible; if you run into an enemy while sliding, you will take damage and your slide will end. If you slide off of a ledge that can be grabbed, your slide will also end, causing you to grab the ledge instead.

Sliding has various applications. The most well known applications are using a very fast slide from the large Scarab jar in LightFoot Village to clip through the small underwater hole that leads to Discovery Falls in SwapStone Circle and sliding through the water in Cape Claw to find Kyte without freeing her from her cage.

Food clip

Food clipping is a technique that allows you to use particular items placed on the floor from the Food Bag or Food Jar via the "set food on floor" command to clip through walls and doors. Items that can be used to perform this technique include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy Eggs (Food Bag)
  • Blue Grubs (Food Jar)
  • Blue Mushrooms (Food Jar)

To perform a food clip, first place the food item on the floor such that the item's pushbox pushes you into the geometry that you wish to clip into (this may take more than one item in some situations). An easy way to get a sense of whether or not you are set up to clip is to watch for your character to "jitter". Then, while in this position, place another food item. If done correctly, in most cases you should be able to simply walk through the collision.

Food clipping generally can't be used to clip through very thick collision, as it does not push you very far into the geometry. Additionally, if there is no floor on the other side of the geometry you are clipping through, you will fall through the world and die, so ensure that there is a floor on the other side.

Water slap

If you continuously attack rapidly with the A button, you will not enter the swimming state, regardless of whether you are in a body of water. This allows you to bypass the usual properties of the water, such as currents and drowning zones. You can begin attacking from either a slope leading into a body of water, or off of a ledge that can't be grabbed. This technique can often be faster than sliding, but it is still quite slow and requires a lot of inputs.

Water drop

Pressing C-up and Z at the same time allows you to sink to the bottom of any body of water and ignore the usual properties of the water, such as currents. This trick works even when stuck in a non-swimming animation, such as hanging from a ledge. A notable application of water dropping is to reach the bottom of the well in Cape Claw.

Remote control log

Similar to water dropping, pressing C-up and while riding on a log will cause you to exit the log and sink to the bottom of the body of water that you are traversing. In doing so, you will gain the usual effects of water dropping, as well as retaining control of the log as if you were still riding it. You can turn the log with the analog stick, and move the log forward by pressing A. While doing this, your character will react to your inputs as well, so controlling the log can be awkward. This trick also comes with some unusual properties, such as requiring two A presses to perform an attack, "gliding" a bit when jumping off ledges that can't be grabbed, and not taking any damage. This trick can also be performed on any other vehicle, such as the Jet Bike or an EarthWalker. If you talk to an NPC while you are in this state, you will be teleported back to the position of the vehicle, but the glitch will remain in effect. In order to exit this state, you need to save and reset the game.

The most notable application of this glitch is obtaining the Shiney Nugget, which cannot normally be accessed due to a bug that causes it to unload when entering the cave it resides in. By steering a log into this cave, and then teleporting back to the log by talking to the SharpClaw guard, you will be able to enter the cave while the Shiney Nugget is loaded.

Ledge drop

Pressing C-up as you grab a ledge will allow you to drop from that ledge without taking any fall damage. This technique does not work on climbable surfaces, such as vines.

Food drop

Similar to ledge dropping, placing a food item from the Food Bag or Food Jar while hanging from a ledge will cause you to drop from the ledge without taking any fall damage.

C-up dive

When walking off of a ledge that cannot be grabbed, if you press C-up at the same time you begin your fall, you can fall to the floor without taking any fall damage. Additionally, you will not void out, regardless of the distance of the fall.

Food platforms

Placing a food item from either the Food Bag or the Food Jar while in the air will temporarily stop your fall and cause you to place the item in the air. The item will remain in the air, and shortly after, you will begin your fall again. Doing so will reset the distance you need to fall before voiding out, so this technique can be used to fall large distances without voiding out.

Actor movement

It is possible to move certain actor entities in several ways, such as attacking or running into them. Certain actions also have the potential to move actor entities, such as throwing Tricky's ball. The most consistent (albeit slow) way that you can intentionally push an actor entity is by placing an item from either the Food Bag or the Food Jar into the actor entity's hitbox. With enough effort, it is possible in some instances to move the invisible walls attached to certain entities in order to bypass them and reach an area intended to be accessed by other means. One notable application of this is moving the SharpClaw guard in Cape Claw in order to bypass him.

Zombie mode

When the player's health reaches zero and the death animation is not allowed to play out, you will enter a state in which you cannot interact with objects, attack enemies, or take damage until any amount of health is restored or a Duster is used. This state can be entered by dying while in midair (taking damage while the knockback animation is playing) or by losing all your health during a cutscene (such as the LightFoot Village Flame tutorial). In many cases, the death menu will remain visible on the screen, despite being able to move your character around.

There is a detrimental variant of this effect that can be entered when an action, such as talking to an NPC or activating a lever, is interrupted and the player is allowed to take back control of the character. In this instance, you will not be able to interact with any objects, and the only currently known way to reverse this state is by resetting the game.

Early Kyte

You can "obtain" Kyte earlier intended by locating her on a beach deep into the waters of Cape Claw. You can find this beach by traveling counter-clockwise around the water in the entrance area of Cape Claw and following the coast all the way until there is no more geometry to load, then swimming up onto the beach there. Because most of the water in Cape Claw will cause you to drown if you swim in it, you will need to use one of several techniques to avoid the properties of water, such as sliding or unloading chunks of Cape Claw and running there. She will not follow you, but her C-right menu will be available.

Note that there are some limitations with this technique of obtaining Kyte. Because you have bypassed the intended method of obtaining her (rescuing her from her cage), the proper flag never gets set, and she will not persist when you save and reload the game. Additionally, there are many situations where she will disappear, such as in particular cutscenes. There are, however, areas where she will show up and follow you properly, provided that her menu is still accessible. In general, when a cutscene plays that involves Kyte, and Kyte's menu is accessible, she will spawn near you and start following you. Known areas include:

  • Cape Claw, near the cage where she's intended to be rescued from
  • Golden Plains, after talking to Gradabug
  • Discovery Falls, during the cutscene that plays when entering
  • Moon Mountain Pass, during the cutscene that plays when entering
  • CloudRunner Fortress, in the following spots:
    • During the cutscene involving her mother
    • In her cage at the back of the fortress
    • At the treasure room where the Jet Bike race takes place
  • Warlock Mountain, when you warp there

Last known vehicle warp

Also known as Last Known Triceratops.

When trying to ride a vehicle, if there is a vehicle in the same area that is not native to that area, you will instead mount the smuggled vehicle. This trick could potentially be used for teleporting into unloaded areas, similar to remote control log.

Known Vehicles that can be teleported from

  • EarthWalkers in Dragon Rock
  • CloudRunner in Dragon Rock
  • SnowHorn outside of Darkice Mines

Known Vehicles that can be teleported to

  • EarthWalkers in Dragon Rock via Other EarthWalkers & CloudRunner
  • Jet Bike outside of Darkice Mines via SnowHorn Platform (SnowHorn itself does not actually have to be there, just using the platform is enough)

Note that vehicles that spawn in the same area are unaffected. For example, there is an EarthWalker in the same area as the CloudRunner in Dragon Rock, and neither will allow you to teleport to the other. It is currently unknown if LKV / LKT affects Logs.

Pause buffer to avoid crashes

Affectionately known as the suffer buffer, in many situations pausing and unpausing several times in succession can help mitigate crashes. Particularly notable areas where this technique is useful are entering Diamond Bay, and the tunnel that leads to the entrance to Volcano Force Point Temple from Diamond Bay. It often can help to wait a small amount of time while paused before unpausing, as these crashes often seem to occur from things loading too quickly or too many things happening at once.

Aim walk

When using the Projectile spell, sometimes the camera can get locked behind the character and prevent the player from interacting with anything, and movement becomes difficult. Note that holding down on the analog stick will rapidly move the camera back and forth, which could potentially be harmful if you are sensitive to flashing lights. This glitch has no known useful applications, and appears to be purely detrimental. In some cases, this state can be reversed by entering another area. Failing this, you will need to reset the game.

Invisible Player / Climbing Upwarp

Note: All known methods of this glitch currently crash immediately on console with a floating point error. If no viable method is found for console, this glitch may be chalked up to an emulation error.

When climbing up a small ledge, by pressing C-up during the animation, Fox / Sabre / Krystal's model will become invisible. It is unknown if the model is actually invisible, or if something else is actually happening. Many actions will correct this state, but there are some other oddities associated with this glitch.

Grabbing onto a climbable wall while the invisible player glitch is active will have the player climbing a nonexistent wall much higher than intended, and the character will reappear. Moving anywhere on the wall will warp the player back down to the actual wall, but placing something from the food bag/jar will allow the player to detach from the wall while keeping their height... sort of. You will immediately begin falling after placing the object, without much (if any) horizontal control. If you try to attack immediately after placing the object though, and continue to as if you were water slapping, you can get some horizontal distance while falling.




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