Dinosaur Planet uses a File System Table (FST) for its assets.

The filesystem is located at offset 0xA4970 in the rom.

The following files are included:

0AUDIO.tab0x000A4AA0Table of offsets into AUDIO.bin
1AUDIO.bin0x000A4B0CSoundbanks of samples/instruments
2SFX.tab0x001BF088Table of offsets into SFX.bin
3SFX.bin0x001BF098A soundbank of encoded sound effects
4AMBIENT.tab0x009D65D0Table of offsets into AMBIENT.bin
5AMBIENT.bin0x009D65E0MIDI-esque sequenced audio of ambient noise
6MUSIC.tab0x00B033F8Table of offsets into MUSIC.bin
7MUSIC.bin0x00B03408MIDI-esque sequenced music, a true goldmine of David Wise goodness
8MPEG.tab0x010A34F0Table of offsets into MPEG.bin
9MPEG.bin0x010A4518Over one hour worth of MP3 encoded dialog
10MUSICACTIONS.bin0x01E6ABDCMusic Actions (16 bytes per action)
A collection of music commands/setups that can be called by TriggerPlanes, sequences, etc. Each command has various params controlling fade-in, volume, instrument masking (e.g. used for DFPT's different arrangements), etc.
11CAMACTIONS.bin0x01E6EBDCCamera Actions (16 bytes per action)
A collection of camera commands/setups that can be called by TriggerPlanes etc. Each command has params like FOV, min/max distance from player, height, transition length, 1st person view lockout, etc.
12LACTIONS.bin0x01E6F3DCLight Actions (40 bytes per action)
A collection of lighting commands that can be called by TriggerPlanes etc. or invoked by objects (e.g. SC_Lantern). Stores two RGB colours, along with various parameters like falloff radii, lighting layer, flicker settings, and more. Point lights and directional lights are possible, and can be applied in combination using different lighting layers.
13ANIMCURVES.bin0x01E6F3DCSequence/cutscene tracks for objects.
Each track consists of multiple curves, such as object position, head rotation, mouth angle and more,
as well as a timeline of events, such as animation events, dialog events and sound effect events. 
14ANIMCURVES.tab0x01FD9B24Table of offsets into ANIMCURVES.bin
15OBJSEQ2CURVE.tab0x01FE8EFCBinds an OBJSEQ index to an ANIMCURVES.tab index
16FONTS.bin0x01FE9EFEContains... fonts!
17CACHEFONTSTAB.bin0x01FED382Currently unknown
18CACHEFONTSTEX.bin0x01FED382Currently unknown
19GAMETEXT.bin0x01FED382The game's on-screen localization (menus, subtitles, item descriptions, etc.)
20GAMETEXT.tab0x01FFE340Table of offsets into GAMETEXT.bin
21GLOBALMAP.bin0x02002AD8The layout of the world map.
22TABLES.bin0x02002D24Currently unknown - among other uses it stores a list of which TEX1 textureIDs are capable of texture scrolling (for waterfall effects, etc.)
23TABLES.tab0x02003030Table of offsets into TABLES.bin
24SCREENS.bin0x02003074Bitmaps with the text "Krystal's adventure..." and "Sabre's adventure...".
25SCREENS.tab0x0204E094Table of offsets into SCREENS.bin
26VOXMAP.bin0x0204E0A4Currently unknown, but likely defines which minimap image to use when within different volumes inside the world map.
27VOXMAP.tab0x020501A4Table of offsets into VOXMAP.bin
28TEXPRE.tab0x020501AATable of offsets into TEXPRE.bin
29TEXPRE.bin0x020512EASome textures (not used?)
30WARPTAB.bin0x020E023APositions into the world map where the player can warp to.
31MAPS.bin0x020E083ACell layouts, object lists and more relating to each map.
32MAPS.tab0x02197C2ATable of offsets into MAPS.bin
33MAPINFO.bin0x021986EAMetadata for each map, such as name and typehelp
36TEX1.bin0x021993F2Environment/model textures.
37TEX1.tab0x0297283ETable of offsets into TEX1.bin
38TEXTABLE.bin0x02976156Indices used to convert texture references into IDs for the tab files.
39TEX0.bin0x02976C66UI/minimap textures.
40TEX0.tab0x02CCADE6Table of offsets into TEX1.bin
41BLOCKS.bin0x02CCBE42Level mesh chunks.
42BLOCKS.tab0x0325FE74Table of offsets into BLOCKS.bin
43TRKBLK.bin0x03260FB4Converts indices used by MAPS.bin to level mesh chunk into IDs for BLOCKS.tab
44HITS.bin0x03261024Special collision data for each BLOCKS model in the game. These define lines (20 bytes long each) which activate special behaviours (jumping, clinging, stepping up, climbing, crawling, invisible walls, etc.) when the player, a vehicle, or certain enemies cross them.
45HITS.tab0x032898A4Table of offsets into HITS.bin
46MODELS.tab0x0328A9E0Table of offsets into MODELS.bin
47MODELS.bin0x0328B9F8The... models!
48MODELIND.bin0x03477548Converts indices used by OBJECTS.bin to model IDs for MODELS.tab
49MODANIM.tab0x0347805ETable of starting offsets into MODANIM.bin
50MODANIM.bin0x03478868Contains animation IDs for each model. -1 indicates a new animation bank.
51ANIM.tab0x0347B36ETable of offsets into ANIM.bin
52ANIM.bin0x0347D752The game's... animations!
53AMAP.tab0x037AA752Table of offsets into AMAP.bin
54AMAP.bin0x037AB766Bone remap tables for each animation in each model's MODANIM list.
55BITTABLE.bin0x037DE966The game's default bittablehelp. The "Game Bits" system is used to track state in the game.
56WEAPONDATA.bin0x037E0DE6Weapon trail animation data for each of Krystal and Sabre's attack animations, defining the tip and hilt position of their weapon on each keyframe. Krystal/Sabre's OBJECT.bin entries contain a list defining which of their MODANIM entries make use of this data.
57VOXOBJ.tab0x037E3C1ETable of offsets into VOXOBJ.bin
59MODLINES.bin0x037E3C26Using the same data format as HITS.bin, these HITS lines are used for each of the special level-type objects that become Krystal/Sabre's frame of reference whenever they stand on them: the Galleon, floating icebergs, etc.
60MODLINES.tab0x037E5586Table of offsets into MODLINES.bin
61SAVEGAME.bin0x037E562EThe default savegame file.
62SAVEGAME.tab0x037E6E2ETable of offsets into SAVEGAME.bin
63OBJSEQ.bin0x037E6E3AGroups of objects that belong to a single sequence.
64OBJSEQ.tab0x037ECEC2Table of offsets into OBJSEQ.bin
65OBJECTS.tab0x037ED766Table of offsets into OBJECTS.bin
66OBJECTS.bin0x037EEB42The object definitions, including their name, DLL type, models, and more.
67OBJINDEX.bin0x037EEB42Converts indices used by MAPS.bin and OBJSEQ.bin into IDs for OBJECTS.tab.
69OBJHITS.bin0x0382D794Collision data for objects.

Reloctable code modules that are hot-swapped during gameplay.
Each object in the game links to a specific DLL for their behavior.

See more: DLL System

71DLLS.tab0x03B04BDCTable of offsets into DLLS.bin
72DLLSIMPORTTAB.bin0x03B064DCTable of entrypoints into the main executable that DLLs use to link to specific function/data imports
73ENVFXACT.bin0x03B06CF4Environmental Effect Actions (96 bytes per action)
A collection of atmospheric commands that can be called by TriggerPlanes etc. There seem to be at least 3 different categories of EnvFxActions for setting up different environmental aspects: fog setups, ambience setups (vertex colour multiplier + skybox gradient texture), horizon setups (distant desert/mountain/etc. texture-strips and cloud textures). This is why TriggerPlanes often call 3 of them at once! The commands can store up to 8 RGB colours (in the case of fog-type commands, or 4 for ambience commands) which the game will blend between for each phase of the game's day/night cycle. These actions can also control which sun/moon sprites are used, and control rainfall/snow/weather effects.


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