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1 Dinosaur Planet uses a **File System Table** (FST) for its assets.
3 The filesystem is located at offset 0xA4970 in the rom.
5 The following files are included:
7 |ID|Filename|Offset|Description
8 |0||0x000A4AA0|Table of offsets into AUDIO.bin
9 |1|AUDIO.bin|0x000A4B0C|Soundbanks of samples/instruments
10 |2||0x001BF088|Table of offsets into SFX.bin
11 |3|SFX.bin|0x001BF098|A soundbank of encoded sound effects
12 |4||0x009D65D0|Table of offsets into AMBIENT.bin
13 |5|AMBIENT.bin|0x009D65E0|MIDI-esque sequenced audio of ambient noise
14 |6||0x00B033F8|Table of offsets into MUSIC.bin
15 |7|MUSIC.bin|0x00B03408|MIDI-esque sequenced music, a true goldmine of David Wise goodness
16 |8||0x010A34F0|Table of offsets into MPEG.bin
17 |9|MPEG.bin|0x010A4518|Over one hour worth of MP3 encoded dialog
18 |10|MUSICACTIONS.bin|0x01E6ABDC|Currently unknown
19 |11|CAMACTIONS.bin|0x01E6EBDC|Currently unknown
20 |12|LACTIONS.bin|0x01E6F3DC|Currently unknown
21 |13|ANIMCURVES.bin|0x01E6F3DC|Sequence/cutscene tracks for objects.
22 Each track consists of multiple curves, such as object position, head rotation, mouth angle and more,
23 as well as a timeline of events, such as animation events, dialog events and sound effect events.
24 |14||0x01FD9B24|Table of offsets into ANIMCURVES.bin
25 |15||0x01FE8EFC|Binds an OBJSEQ index to an index
26 |16|FONTS.bin|0x01FE9EFE|Contains... fonts!
27 |17|CACHEFONTSTAB.bin|0x01FED382|Currently unknown
28 |18|CACHEFONTSTEX.bin|0x01FED382|Currently unknown
29 |19|GAMETEXT.bin|0x01FED382|The game's on-screen localization (menus, subtitles, item descriptions, etc.)
30 |20||0x01FFE340|Table of offsets into GAMETEXT.bin
31 |21|GLOBALMAP.bin|0x02002AD8|The layout of the world map.
32 |22|TABLES.bin|0x02002D24|Currently unknown
33 |23||0x02003030|Table of offsets into TABLES.bin
34 |24|SCREENS.bin|0x02003074|Bitmaps with the text "Krystal's adventure..." and "Sabre's adventure...".
35 |25||0x0204E094|Table of offsets into SCREENS.bin
36 |26|VOXMAP.bin|0x0204E0A4|Currently unknown
37 |27||0x020501A4|Table of offsets into VOXMAP.bin
38 |28||0x020501AA|Table of offsets into TEXPRE.bin
39 |29|TEXPRE.bin|0x020512EA|Some textures (not used?)
40 |30|WARPTAB.bin|0x020E023A|Positions into the world map where the player can warp to.
41 |31|MAPS.bin|0x020E083A|Cell layouts, object lists and more relating to each map.
42 |32||0x02197C2A|Table of offsets into MAPS.bin
43 |33|MAPINFO.bin|0x021986EA|Metadata for each map, such as name and type(?)
44 |34|?|0x0219932A|
45 |35|?|0x021993F2|
46 |36|TEX1.bin|0x021993F2|Environment/model textures.
47 |37||0x0297283E|Table of offsets into TEX1.bin
48 |38|TEXTABLE.bin|0x02976156|Indices used to convert texture references into IDs for the tab files.
49 |39|TEX0.bin|0x02976C66|UI/minimap textures.
50 |40||0x02CCADE6|Table of offsets into TEX1.bin
51 |41|BLOCKS.bin|0x02CCBE42|Level mesh chunks.
52 |42||0x0325FE74|Table of offsets into BLOCKS.bin
53 |43|TRKBLK.bin|0x03260FB4|Converts indices used by MAPS.bin to level mesh chunk into IDs for
54 |44|HITS.bin|0x03261024|Collision data.
55 |45||0x032898A4|Table of offsets into HITS.bin
56 |46||0x0328A9E0|Table of offsets into MODELS.bin
57 |47|MODELS.bin|0x0328B9F8|The... models!
58 |48|MODELIND.bin|0x03477548|Converts indices used by OBJECTS.bin to model IDs for
59 |49||0x0347805E|Table of starting offsets into MODANIM.bin
60 |50|MODANIM.bin|0x03478868|Contains animation IDs for each model. -1 indicates a new animation bank.
61 |51||0x0347B36E|Table of offsets into ANIM.bin
62 |52|ANIM.bin|0x0347D752|The game's... animations!
63 |53||0x037AA752|Table of offsets into AMAP.bin
64 |54|AMAP.bin|0x037AB766|Animation remap tables.
65 |55|BITTABLE.bin|0x037DE966|The game's default bittable(?). The "Game Bits" system is used to track state in the game.
66 |56|WEAPONDATA.bin|0x037E0DE6|?
67 |57||0x037E3C1E|Table of offsets into VOXOBJ.bin
68 |58|VOXOBJ.bin|0x037E3C26|?
69 |59|MODLINES.bin|0x037E3C26|Collision/physics data?
70 |60||0x037E5586|Table of offsets into MODLINES.bin
71 |61|SAVEGAME.bin|0x037E562E|The default savegame file.
72 |62||0x037E6E2E|Table of offsets into SAVEGAME.bin
73 |63|OBJSEQ.bin|0x037E6E3A|Groups of objects that belong to a single sequence.
74 |64||0x037ECEC2|Table of offsets into OBJSEQ.bin
75 |65||0x037ED766|Table of offsets into OBJECTS.bin
76 |66|OBJECTS.bin|0x037EEB42|The object definitions, including their name, DLL type, models, and more.
77 |67|OBJINDEX.bin|0x037EEB42|Converts indices used by MAPS.bin and OBJSEQ.bin into IDs for
78 |68|OBJEVENTS.bin|0x037EEB42|?
79 |69|OBJHITS.bin|0x0382D794|Collision data for objects.
80 |70|DLLS.bin|0x038317CC|(((
81 Reloctable code modules that are hot-swapped during gameplay.
82 Each object in the game links to a specific DLL for their behavior.
84 See more: [[DLL System>>Main.Tech.Engine.DLL-System.WebHome]]
85 )))
86 |71||0x03B04BDC|Table of offsets into DLLS.bin
87 |72|DLLSIMPORTTAB.bin|0x03B064DC|Table of entrypoints into the main executable that DLLs use to link to specific function/data imports
88 |73|ENVFXACT.bin|0x03B06CF4|?


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