"I am Sabre, Royal Knight of the planet Animus." - Sabre

📝 Note : In the 1st December 2000 prototype of Dinosaur Planet, Sabre was replaced with Fox. Although, he was present in the hour long footage leaked over Rare Thief's blog in 2012 - in order to play with Sabre in the prototype, codes have to be used to replace Fox and there are still bugs in cutscenes and such to fix to be completely seamless. 


"A twenty-year-old warrior and son of the great wizard Randorn. When Sabre's older brother was killed on the battlefield, his father was grief-stricken and disappeared without a word into the wilderness. Now, after many years of torment, Sabre is determined to track him down." - official Rare profile

Sabre is a 20 year-old warrior of the Wolf Tribe from the planet Animus. His father Randorn abandoned him at the age of 10 to avenge his fallen eldest son who was killed by the Vixon. He is one of the two main protagonists of Dinosaur Planet, the other one being his sister Krystal. In the game his sidekick is Tricky, a triceratops prince of the EarthWalker tribe. Sabre is much more direct than his sibling and has a short temper, but he is courageous and kind when better acquainted, as seen with his sidekick.

Early story (From Character Bio)

When he was 10 years old, after his brother's death to the Fox Tribe, his kin made a midnight ceremony for his brother's spirit - a tradition for all Wolven Warriors. Randorn, their father, filled with grief and guilt, left the tribe to pursue a personal quest and Sabre never saw him again.

Many years passed, but Sabre finally decided to leave to search for his father. He felt unable to keep his questions for himself and yearned for his father answers.

Walking in a deep wooded valley, he came face to face with a female warrior of the Vixon Tribe. Sabre drew his sword, but became surprised when the warrior called him by his name, and so he listened to her tale.

She recalls that Randorn disappeared into a vortex bound to a planet of dinosaurs. An alliance was thus born and the newly reunited siblings headed on the trail of their father on Dinosaur Planet.

Character Bio

The characters' biographies were leaked (with other promotional material such as official renders, condensed story and gameplay footage) on the website RareThief in September 2012. All bios are dated for the year 2000.

It’s worth mentioning though, not all character’s information and trivia are present in the December 1, 2000 prototype. These were probably written pretty early on in the development of the game to summarize each character, but were not really changed after the game’s story underwent many changes and evolutions. (i.e : Krystal's backstory not being mentioned except that she was adopted by Randorn or Krystal’s crush on Sabre even though they are siblings.)



Name : Sabre
Age : 20 years old
Height : 6ft”
Likes : Being in charge and getting his own way
Dislikes : Losing challenges and looking after spoilt little princes!
Weapon : Sword
Combat style : Ancient sword skills used by Wolven Warriors.
Favorite spell : The Projectile Spell (it tests his marksman skills!)
Favorite food : Any meat and pretzels he can get his hands on!
Special abilities : Like Krystal, Sabre has been taught to use Magic, although his main ability lies in his combat skills.

Questions / Answers

📚 This questions and answers section is directly from Sabre's character biography from RareThief's blog.

  • What does Sabre want to do when Dinosaur Planet has been saved?
    Despite acting like he doesn't care, Sabre has a soft spot for Krystal. When this is all over, he's hoping that maybe she will go on a date with him.

This may be a remnant from a past story, this isn’t mentioned in the final game once since the sibling characters don’t interact at all.

  • Personality
    A proud knight of the Wolven Order, Sabre can be very headstrong and does not relish the prospect of looking after a spoiled prince throughout his journey.
  • Role in game
    As half of the main duo, Sabre's skills and courage are of utmost importance when it comes to finishing the game.

    He will develop a love / hate relationship with his sidekick, the EarthWalker prince Tricky. Sabre is firstly entrusted to look after Tricky although later into the adventure he will realize the importance of the young prince's skills.

Concept arts and early idealizations


In the very beginning of the game conception, Timber (From Diddy Kong Racing) was visioned as the main character, before being changed to Sabre. It is worth nothing the presence of a staff in the center piece, a sword in the bottom left and most importantly the center jewel necklace that would stay on Sabre (And Krystal!) in the final models.


His appearance on subsequent concept art were more wolf like, but Sabre kept some stripes in his fur, perhaps a souvenir from the initial concept of the tiger. Note on the concept art on the right, Sabre had a cape and much more visible equipment in a backpack.


A storyboard which seems to depict Sabre in much more reddish hue (and fox like? although this could be only an artist style and slightly different colours due to the scanning) as well with white pants. (Much like Link from the Legend of Zelda)

Renders and models


This render is the most associated with Sabre. It was used (Without Tricky) on E3 display, just like the early render fur Krystal. Although, it was probably made around the same time as the early Krystal, it stayed pretty close to Sabre's appearence in-game with minimal changes, such as the necklace jewel not present in this render.


More close render to the one made for Krystal, used too for Sabre's biography.


Sabre model in-game, note the white tip on the ear are not present like in the character biography. The in-game model added the necklace jewel, a more simple belt on his chest and slightly lighter colours overall.

(ℹ️) Turn around reference by Discord member LazyJenny.

Promotional material



Note the absence of the neck jewel, the chest belt being mirrored and the arm armor being less metal and shiny in the final in-game model. We also have a good look on Sabre sword before being changed and more detailed with Fox's model replacement in-game.

Story in-game

⚠️ This section is missing information in text, pictures and in video if possible.

Voice lines

To be continued, separate some important voice lines and transcript them as well. Voice lines that could be put here : Sabre encounter with the Queen EarthWalker, Tricky's saving cutscene...

Screenshots in-game

Early screenshots

Sabre and his partner Tricky in conversation.Sabre and Tricky enter the Northern Wastes.Sabre in Swapstone Hollow.Sabre and a SharpClaw in hot pursuit down Ice Mountain.Sabre and Tricky tend to the ill Queen Earthwalker.Sabre blasts off!Sabre and Tricky explore the frozen tundra of Darkice Mines.Sabre and Tricky in Swapstone Hollow, looking at the player.

Sabre dodging flames on a conveyor belt in Darkice Mines.

Sabre faces off against Galadon/Galdon.

Sabre and a Redeye in what seems to be an early version of the Klanadack boss fight?

Screenshots from the prototype

These screenshots were taken with a code to replace Fox's model with Sabre's. His model was already replaced in the prototype by Fox in the 1st December 2001.






His model is very similar, except for his sword. His sword model was updated at some point and the old texture has not been added to the model swap cheat codes yet. His expressions are also not all working in the cutscenes, compared to Krystal's.

Endgame story (Spoiler)

🙈 The next section will spoil the story end of Dinosaur Planet, read at your own risks!

 âš ď¸Â This section is missing information in text, pictures and in video if possible.




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