"I am Fox McCloud, Royal Knight of the Lylat System" - Fox


Fox is a character from the Star Fox series of games originally created by Nintendo and Argonaut Software for the SNES/Super Famicom in 1993.

Fox's relationship to Dinosaur Planet starts in late 2000 when Rare showed the game publicly for the first time at E3. This caught the eye of some Nintendo reps and an agreement was made to make this into a Star Fox game.

Though many people thought the Star Fox connection started when the game was shifting to the Gamecube, this was not the case as in the newly dumped December 2000 prototype has Fox replaced over Sabre's model and many of his lines were already changed. 

Early story

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Concept arts and early idealizations (SFA)


Early stylisation for Fox from Michael Cawood.

Renders and models

We don't have a public render of Fox for Dinosaur Planet.


Quick turn around made by @Blizz to show his in-game model.

Story in-game (SFA)

Fox and the rest of the Star Fox crew get a call from General Pepper saying that Dinosaur Planet is falling apart and assigns them on their new job. Fox upon arriving at Dinosaur Planet gets Krystal's staff and heads off to find Tricky after the Queen of the Earthwalker Tribe tells him he's been captured by the Sharpclaws.

Fox heads off to Ice Mountain via a Warpstone and rescues Tricky from the Sharpclaws. After bringing Tricky home he is then told why the planet is tearing apart from the Earthwalker Queen.

Fox with this new obtained knowledge goes and searches for the four Spellstones and the six Krazoa spirits with his new partner Tricky to save the planet.

Voice lines

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- Randorn voice line about the Star Fox team.

- Fox talking to the king Earthwalker about the transmission sent from Dinosaur Planet.

Screenshots in-game



The Queen Earthwalker, Tricky and Fox after being told Randorn needs help.





SFA endgame story (Spoiler)

🙈 The next section will spoil the story end of Star Fox Adventures, read at your own risks! 

After Fox gets all the Spellstones the planet doesn't get put back together. Peppy upon researching Fox's mission noticed that Fox missed something in Walled City being a Krazoa shrine.

He heads back to Walled City and talks with the King Eathwalker about this issue, the King Earthwalker then reveals that not only do the Spellstones put the planet back together but that the Krazoa Spirits also do.

Fox goes and gets the remaining last two Spirits while saying good bye to Tricky in the mean time leaving him with his father The King Earthwalker and flies his R Wing to Warlock Mountain (Krazoa Palace in SFA) to release the remaining spirits.

After getting the last spirit with General Scales dying in front of him, Fox recognizes the voice speaking to him though he can't make out who it is. After all the Spirits are released he frees Krystal however this came at a cost of rebirthing Andross again.

Fox fights Andross in space until his defeat again. Dinosaur Planet is saved and the Star Fox crew get their money to repair the ship with.   

DP endgame story (Spoiler)

🙈 The next section will spoil the story end of Dinosaur Planet, read at your own risks! 


- Fox was not originally planned for Dinosaur Planet and was a complete new IP by Rare before his addition. His character was named Sabre, although Fox seems to have retained his attitude throughout the game. (Explains the out-of-character dialog he had with Tricky's mom, the Earthwalker queen.)



fox model dinosaur planet.jpg

NameFox McCloud
Home planetCorneria, Papetoon (birthplace)

James McCloud (Father) Vixy Reinard (Mother)



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