A blustery cold area filled with magma filled tunnels connected to SnowHorn Wastes.  This is where General Scales has enslaved the SnowHorn Tribe.


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This area is split into two, the outer "Dark Ice Mines 1" and inner "Dark Ice Mines 2". While once the land of the SnowHorn Tribe, it has undeniably become the property of the SharpClaws. While Dark Ice Mines 1 could be somewhat confused for SnowHorn Wastes, its man(Mammoth?)-made structures make it distinct. Dark Ice Mines 2 is a huge cavern that features snowballs rolling around on to cool down lava and a lot of structures made by the SharpClaws in their bid for the SpellStone.

The Spellstone Guardian of the SnowHorn Tribe; Garunda Te has hidden his SpellStone deep within the mines. In order to save her tribe, Garunda Te's daughter; Belina Te told General Scales this info. Using the captured SnowHorns and his own forces General Scale intends to eventually uncover the SpellStone. By helping the SnowHorns, Sabre will be helped back in many ways; with their help, Sabre can get the SpellStone long before the SharpClaws could.

Dark Ice Mines 1 starts you in a tunnel, from the door that Garunda Te just opened; this tunnel is filled with lava and has thin paths that are prone to falling apart. If you don't rush this place isn't really a hazard though. After leaving the tunnel you're greeted with igloo like structures with SharpClaw flags in them; there is a SnowHorn with its legs locked up here; by going into a nearby open "house" and using your distract command on a GuardClaw, you can get the key for the SnowHorn. After being released, the SnowHorn will give Sabre a Cog for the Bridge up ahead, using this cog grants access to the entrance of the mines; but Sabre can't get there on foot due to a large hill being in front of it. On his path to the entrance, Sabre will run into a starved SnowHorn being attacked by a SnowClaw; saving this SnowHorn will reward you with him teaching Tricky the Flame command. Using the flame command will allow you to get the nearby Alpine Roots, once not starved the SnowHorn will be able to carry Sabre across a nearby area blocked by a blizzard; though not without an item to call him to that area. Inside the structure above the mine, by using the cannon of a CannonClaw; you will find two cogs, there is another bridge nearby that needs these and by using this bridge you will find a cave with a giant hole in the center; there is a invisible path here and by going to the other side you will find the SnowHorn Treasure; the Horn of Truth. This treasure allows you to call your new SnowHorn friend to the blizzard area, ride him to the other side of this area to find a cavern with a SnowBike. This cave has a  entrance to the part of Dark Ice Mines 1 you were at before the ride, but this time with a way to get into the actual mines; Dark Ice Mines 2.

Once you enter Dark Ice Mines 2, Sabre will ride for a bit but eventually will fall off his bike onto a Conveyor Belt with pipes spewing fire on it; by fighting against the Conveyor Belt will avoid this hazard and get to safer ground. Sabre will then release Tricky and Belina Te from the prison in this area using keys found throughout the area. Belina Te after being talked to smashes through a wall to a further part of the mine, though the way behind her collapses so Sabre can't follow. Sabre finds a place for Tricky to tunnel and goes to a underground waterfall; using the icy stalactites in this area Sabre opens a grate that gives him access to a block of ice; which freezes enough of the lower pond for him to climb to the next room. Sabre uses a SharpClaw elevator to find the key to a door; behind this door is a series of pitch black caverns. After this is a room above a giant pit, by shooting some switches Sabre gets enough ground to jump through. After unlocking another locked door, Sabre finds himself in a room divided by a river of lava, by activating the cooling system at the right time he can make this river rock and go to the next room. After this, Sabre finally reunites with Belina Te; who tells him that that the SpellStone is hidden in this area somewhere. Sabre with the help of tricky manages to get to a giant room with a giant block of ice, this block of ice has the SpellStone and a giant monster; Galadon sealed within it. By melting the ice with Tricky, Sabre releases both; but Galadon eats the SpellStone and Sabre is forced to fight. After defeating the monster; Sabre and Tricky are launched out of the collapsing mine alongside the SpellStone. Sabre then returns to SnowHorn Wastes.

Important Items & NPCs

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NPCs: Belina Te

Key Items: Horn of Truth, 1st Spell Stone


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The place where you fight your first real boss, Galadon. At first he's frozen, so you must use Tricky's Flame command to unfreeze him. A cutscene then plays and you see the 1st spell stone. Galadon then swallows it and your fight begins.

Phase 1: You use Tricky's Distract command to get behind Galadon to attack his weak point, the tail. He will then turn and devour Sabre. Luckily you survive, but you must attack his throat which happens to have the spell stone. He'll then spit you and phase 2 begins.

Phase 2: Requires you to attack his next weak spot, the neck. There's 2 legitimate ways in damaging him. One is when he lowers his neck close enough for you to smack with your sword and the other is shooting your fire spell projectile. (which is kind of jank to initiate) Once you damage him enough, he'll devour you again and you'll have to attack his throat once more. Rinse and repeat and you'll eventually obtain the 1st spell stone from inside him. He'll then send you (Sabre) flying out of the mines along with the spell stone.

Enemies: SnowClaw, CanonClaw, SnowWorm Small, SnowWorm Medium, Vampire Bat (cannot be damage & or harm you), Scorpion

Notable Bugs/Crashes

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  • There is actually a "Dark Ice Mine 3", "Dark Ice Mine 4" and "Dark Ice Mine 5" and they're not unused maps. Dark Ice Mines 3 is Galadon, which makes him the only boss to actually have a "boss arena area name". While DarkIce Mines Caves and DarkIce Mines Lava are not internally called DarkIce Mines 4 and 5 in DP, Star Fox Adventures Kiosk reveals their file names to be SnowMine4 and SnowMine5. DarkIce Mines Cave/4 is simply the caves in Dark Ice Mines 1(and even the objects for it are still in Dark Ice Mines 1, showing this to be a late change) and DarkIce Mines Lava/5 is the lava in the tunnel at the start; and a clone of the map "MikesLava". Their naming scheme might imply the intent was to have more map beyond Galadon but it could also just refer to when they were made.
  • In an old level list, Dark Ice Mines 1 was called the "internal name" of Snow Mines; but Dark Ice Mines 2 got the technically unique name of "SnowBall Mines" , this is the only case of the map being divided by anything other than number.


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Dark Ice Mines

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