A breathtaking coastal bluff that leads into a heavily guarded fortress. Krystal will need to gain entry to this area from SwapStone Circle in order to rescue her companion, Kyte.
As Krystal continues to make progress into her journey, further areas of Cape Claw will become available to explore; she will need to return to this location several times to discover all the Cape has to offer.


This area can be found by venturing downhill from SwapStone Circle, where the narrow passage following Lightfoot Village gives way to an open shoreline, featuring the visage of a Krazoa that has been carved into the precipice.

Unfortunately, much of the area is impassable, as exploring the waters of Cape Claw will result in being swept into the undertow, and further access deeper into the SharpClaw fortress is blocked by a BribeClaw posted at the tunnel.
While Krystal can eventually discover a means to free her companion, Kyte, she can begin her liberation efforts early by using her staff to free a member of the Lightfoot Tribe that's been caged near the entrance.

Unfortunately, her altruistic efforts might cost her upon return to SwapStone Circle...

Freeing Kyte (Initial Visit)

If Krystal is able to keep to the shores by necessity, she will discover a crop of vine that will allow ascent towards a log, which can be pushed into the water to allow for safe passage. Riding the log, Krystal will be able to gain access to a small cave near the BribeClaw which contains a Shiney Nugget. Returning to the shore safely and presenting the Shiney Nugget to the BribeClaw will allow progress into the Poison Chamber; a small room that quickly fills with noxious gas unless a block puzzle is solved under a strict time limit. 

Provided that Krystal is able to close off the ventilation shafts with the stone blocks provided, she'll unlock the next area, which features a wide cliffside and a mountable cannon. The cannon can be used to blast away the metal doors on the left and right of its placement, which permits entrance into the Courtyard of Cape Claw. 

This area features a large flooded well in its center, which is surrounded by several inlays arranged in the symbol of the Krazoa. Setting Krazoa Tablets in place of these inlays is fundamental to exploring further areas of Cape Claw.

At this point in her adventure, Krystal will be able to free Kyte by battling the guard for the key to her prison, and having her perch on a series of levers. Once this is done, the towers surrounding the Courtyard will reveal a pair of torches which can be lit by Kyte's "Flame" technique; accomplishing this task will allow the reunited duo to return to the Cliffside, and ultimately the entrance to the Cape where a confrontation with the Lightfoot Tribe can be encountered.

Krazoa Tablets/Lighthouse Solution (Second Visit)

Subsequent visits to Cape Claw rely on the retrieval of the Krazoa Tablet found in Discovery Falls. After this is accomplished, Krystal and Kyte will need to collect three Fire Gems hidden around Cape Claw and place them inside their Lighthouse Beacon counterparts. Once a Lighthouse Beacon has been lit, or a Krazoa Tablet has been placed, the Courtyard Well will reflect this change, and unlock further areas of Cape Claw accordingly.

As the Fire Gems cannot be currently collected in Dinosaur Planet, it is not possible to progress beyond this point without the use of codes, or patches. However, despite this set-back, the solution to the Lighthouse Beacons has been discovered, and it may be possible restore this feature in the future. Nonetheless, each step of this intended puzzle can be found below.

Prerequisites: Access to Krystal's Log 

First Fire Gem: The First Fire Gem can be found behind the first waterfall in Cape Claw, near the entrance. Krystal will need to brave the undertow with the log she used previously to paddle behind the waterfall and collect the gem. 

First Lighthouse Beacon: Returning to the Shiney Nugget cave with her log, Krystal will be able to climb up a crop of vines inside, and make her way through a narrow tunnel that leads directly to the first Lighthouse Beacon. Placing the Fire Gem inside this Beacon will allow the first Krazoa inlay (1/6) to be solved.  

PrerequisitesHighTop Tribe Krazoa Tablet / Portal Spell

Second Fire Gem: Upon returning to Cape Claw with the Krazoa Tablet given to her in Discovery Falls by the HighTop Tribe, Krystal will be able to place it in the second Krazoa inlay (2/6) and unlock a metal door to the Village section of Cape Claw. Detonating a pair of explosive barrels near the end of the Village will uncover a secret passageway, where the second Fire Gem can be found. 

Second Lighthouse Beacon: Returning to the Courtyard, Krystal can discover a Portal Door near Kyte's lever puzzle/prison. Using the Portal Spell on this door will cause it to disappear, revealing a tunnel that leads to the second Lighthouse Beacon. Placing the Fire Gem inside this Beacon will allow the third Krazoa inlay (3/6) to be solved.  

Prerequisites: Lightfoot Tribe Krazoa Tablet / Kyte's Find Command

Third Fire Gem: Returning to the Village, Krystal can discover a pair of explosive barrels to the right of the entrance; detonating these barrels will uncover a secret vertical passageway that tunnels into the ground. Reaching the end of this passageway will spur a fight with a pair of Robotic Scorpions, where victory is rewarded with another Krazoa Tablet. Placing the aforementioned Tablet in the fourth Krazoa inlay (4/6) will cause a secret passageway behind the Village waterfall to be uncovered. Venturing behind the waterfall and onto the beach will spur a mini-boss encounter with a Sand Snake. Defeating the Sand Snake will cause it to spit out the Third Fire Gem.  

Third Lighthouse Beacon: Upon collecting a third tablet from an unknown location, Krystal will be able to place the Tablet in the fifth Krazoa inlay (5/6), which causes an earthy spire/pillar to rise from beneath the sea. Returning to the Village, Krystal can hop across this spire to to an escarpment that would otherwise be inaccessible. 
Using Kyte's 'Find' Command at a collapsed rope will allow it to be repaired, allowing access to a beach, and laterally the final Lighthouse Beacon.(Though the way you'd do this doesn't seem to be implemented, there's no way to the island; there's a small ledge that based on its geometry should rise up but without it you can't go up the path and having Krystal able to swim around breaks the next visits gimmick and the stage in general.) Once Krystal has managed to scale the vines leading up to the beacon, she can place the Sand Snake's Fire Gem inside, which will allow the sixth and final Krazoa inlay (6/6) to be solved.

This causes the perches to activate again. It is theorized that solving this puzzle will cause the Courtyard Well to drain entirely, granting Krystal access to the chamber below, which houses a teleport to the Test of Character.

The Missing Final Visit

None of this state is actually ingame, but geometry(and some dialogue) hints towards what it was.

Krystal would visit Cape Claw a third time after Sabre got the sixth spirit, where the mouth of the Krazoa Head would be open. Based on dialogue she'd encounter an unknown NPC, and then go through the back areas she went through last time to find translation points.(These are most likely the strange "T-Slabs" found in the geometry, though without an object its not definite)  Krystal would need to buy the Krazoa Translator from the Swap Store to progress this section.

The T-Slabs: The first slab most likely is the one across from the Sand Snake Miniboss arena, as its directly from the waterway from the head. The next slab is behind the pillar you caused to rise with the third tablet. And the other tablet is directly across from the third Lighthouse island; with a entrance that looks "blown open" and the fact that its directly across from a cannon, this is the only slab we can guess some of the gameplay to get to it.

Based on dialogue and the weird geometry under the water, you needed to walk through two pillars under the water to activate the teleporter at the bottom of the Krazoa Head; the only theory that has been produced to have this work is that the translation points give a spell to do this, which does match with them("Deep below the foaming wave, a land beyond this sacred cave, this spell to us the Ancients gave.") The "cover image" for the teleporter chamber shows what looks to be a activated teleporter and the existence of it definitely backs up the idea of you needing to go to the pillars(as its an effect that doesn't work at short distances).

And with all this done, Krystal would go to Krazoa Palace...

Cape Claw Cutscenes


Unlocking the Village Door with the first Krazoa Tablet.


Unlocking the Waterfall Passage with the second Krazoa Tablet.


Causing the Village Spire to rise with the third Krazoa Tablet.

Important Items & NPCs


Bribeclaw: Guards the entrance to Cape Claw's Fortress section; can be dismissed if he's brought a Shiney Nugget.
Caged Lightfoot: Found near the entrance to Cape Claw; can be freed from his cage with a well-fired spell.

Key Items:

Shiney Nugget: Found in the cave near the Bribeclaw's post. Needed to tempt the Bribeclaw into allowing passage.
Cell Door Key: Acquired from the SharpClaw in the Courtyard nearest lever puzzle. Needed to unlock Kyte's prison.
Fire Gem: Hidden around three areas in Cape Claw, used to light the three associated Lighthouse Beacons.
Krazoa Tablet: Placed inside the Krazoa Courtyard Inlays to progress into further areas of Cape Claw. 


Sand Eel
Cannon Claw
Vampire Bats

Notable Enemies

Robot Scorpions: Found below the Underground Village Passage, guarding the second Krazoa Tablet. 
Sand Snake Boss: Found on the beach behind the hidden waterfall. Relinquishes the final Fire Gem upon defeat.

Notable Bugs/Crashes

Item Pick-up Crash: Attempting to pick up the Shiney Nugget or the Cell Door Key will crash the game.
Status: Solved. 
SolutionItem-pickup fix

Gas Chamber Crash: Attempting to solve the Gas Chamber puzzle will crash the game. 
Status: Manageable.
Solution: Latest patch makes Gas Chamber more stable.

Gas Chamber Triggers Twice Bug: Returning to the Gas Chamber may cause it to reset, trapping players in a loop. 
Status: Solved. 
SolutionPrevent Gas Chamber from triggering twice.

Fire Gem Bug: Fire Gem's cannot be collected, or interacted with. 
Status: Unsolved. 
Solution: Fire Gems can be added to inventory by altering game code, but may cause further glitches/crashes.


  • While Cape Claw would appear in Starfox Adventures, it would be changed drastically, removing the entire fortress area and the Fire Gem/Lighthouse Beacon puzzle altogether.
    In SFA, progress is only made up to the Gas Chamber, stripping Cape Claw of the Cliffside, the Courtyard, the Village, the Underground Village Passage, the Escarpment and the Sand Snake Mini-boss, making it one of the most compromised areas that still appears in the final game.
  • Unlike other areas which can be completed on the first pass, Cape Claw's unique backtracking mechanic allows the location to continuously evolve as the player progresses over time. 
  • There's dialogue for a "Cloudrunner race" stored with the Cape Claw dialogue, this might be tied to the missing Tablet.



                          Cape Claw Entrance                                                                Cape Claw Gas Chamber


                           Cape Claw Cliffside                                                                    Cape Claw Courtyard                      


                        Cape Claw Escarpment                                                                     Cape Claw Village 


               Cape Claw Robot Scorpion Chamber                                         Cape Claw Krazoa Teleport Beneath Well 

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